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Invitation To Kesofo’s December 1st Party.

The Kenya Social Forum (Kesofo) will, on December 1st organize the ”Kenya Unity Party” at Norsborg Musikhuset from 19.00. The theme of the Party is “UNITY among Wakenya” thus the name of the Party. The date of the Party is important in two ways (see

December 1st is the World Aids Day while it also marks the beginning of the end of the year. Kenyans are therefore encouraged to spread word about the Party among members of the community. The World Aids day is being observed at a time when statistics from the Swedish authorities indicate that 122 Kenyans are infected with the HIV virus.
On the Party organization, Kesofo is in touch with the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm because leaders of the organization believe that the Embassy is an important Institution which it needs to work with, not just as a partner but as a leading collaborator.
The Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia Her Excellency Mrs Purity Muhindi has been approached by Kesofo to attend the Party officially but unfortunately, she is booked elsewhere on December 1st. Despite her absence, the Embassy has confirmed that it will send a representative to the Party to stand for the Ambassador. This is positive.

The December 1st Party will be the second being organized by Kesofo at Norsborg Musikhuset, the inaugural Party having been organized last year when the organization hosted the Grand Nyama Choma Party. The bash was a big success.
Entrance at the Party will be 50 kr, food will be available and plenty of Kenyan music. Under 18s will not be admitted although the issue of catering for this age group in the area of entertainment will have to be looked into by the organization in the future.
Information about Kesofo will also be available at the Party although much of the organization’s working documents like the Constitution and the Program are already available through the organization’s web site.
Kesofo’s Chairperson Ms Susan Mukami welcomes Kenyans, friends of Kenya and Party lovers to attend the Party.

Kesofo Exceutive committee


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