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Welcome To KESOFO Diplomatic Dinner On The 1 Dec. 2007.

The Kenya social forum in Sweden (KESOFO) is organizing a diplomatic dinner for all Kenyans and friends on the 1st Dec 2007. The top officials of the forum have been finalising on the way things will look on that particular day. With only few days to the material day, the officials are going to meet on Saturday to make the final touches. On Saturday 17th 2007 at its headquarters, dinner planners will be sitting down to make sure that things will be smooth because it is expected that some top leaders might attend the dinner. The purpose of this dinner is to bring Kenyans in Sweden together and to raise money for some very worthwhile activities of running of the organization. This is going to be one of the largest party that the forum has organised in the recent time. The event itself will be hosted at Norsborg Musikhuset which is providing a rather splendid space for that day activities which includes disco.

The table is being set!

Last year Kesofo organized Nyama choma which was very successful. This year’s activity is a diplomatic dinner to bring Wakenya together .What’s on the menu? Party planner’s greatest hits and all sorts of questions will be posted later. On the same day, the world will be commemorating the World AIDS Day which fall on December 1st. Created in 1988 by the World Health Organization with the support of the United Nations General Assembly, World AIDS Day is an opportunity for global action to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. It celebrates progress made in the battle against the epidemic and brings into focus remaining challenges.

Kesofo will use the same platform to remember those affected and try to strategise ways on how to start working with the affected families and to come up with programs to work with to slow the spread of AIDS among Kenyans in Sweden by continuing to emphasize on prevention. Kesofo will focus on raising political awareness and commitment, addressing stigma and discrimination, targeting prevention activities to high-risk behaviour groups and at-risk youth, and supporting those Kenyans who have been hit by the disease. It is suspected that many Kenyans in Sweden are HIV positive so this is going to be a good move for the forum to take a major role in helping those affected and those that are in the risk zone.

Munala Wa Munala.


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