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The Ghost Of HIV Among Wakenya In Sweden Is Looming Dangerously.

The ghost of HIV among Kenyans who reside in Sweden is looming dangerously. It is suspected that many Kenyans in this region are positive but they haven’t declared their status thus having unprotected sex. Apart from two Kenyans who declared their status, many have kept low profile especially when it comes to issues dealing with HIV. The Kenya social forum in Sweden (KESOFO) which is supposed to have taken a leading role when it comes to public education about the disease has kept quiet. It is time now Kenyan organizations in Sweden and individual come out and try to intervene because things are turning to be dangerous.

The most striking issue is the level of knowledge on matters of sexuality and the ability to talk with ease on these matters among Wakenya in Sweden. This must have started from home where schools refuse to provide adolescents with information and services and this has left the ‘safe period’ as their only protective option and pregnancy as the overriding concern than HIV. Sexual education should be based more broadly on an understanding of the social norms defining sexual behaviour and I think it is now time that Wakenya in Sweden must organise themselves and deal with the problem.

It is time again to revive KUWA because it is the only Kenyan organization that offered critical HIV services among Kenyans in the past years. As a result, general awareness and knowledge of HIV transmission was higher among Kenyan in Sweden than now. Atop Kenyan politician in Sweden told me he used to take 50 condoms every month from KUWA headquarters and this helped him a lot because he is “mlambaji” type. There is a need to develop evidence-based and effective prevention strategies and interventions service to our people and I hope the Kenyan embassy in Sweden will play a role

Munala wa Munala.


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