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Freedom Of Expression Or Right Of Privacy.

Kenyans in Sweden have made many attempts to unite but their efforts have been grounded by few people who think they own the whole Kenyan community in this region of Scandinavia. Relations among Wakenya in Sweden improve when the Kenyan community has a get together function and after that they go back to their base and start gossiping. When you meet them at these functions, you may think that Kenya is very blessed to have a hug united front because normally everyone is in a relaxed mood. But new tensions arise every time when scandals are revealed and the report is out there on the internet saying so and so were hooked kissing. We cannot maintain uninterrupted friendly relations among ourselves because we don’t trust one another and we are different.

A free and independent media is the fundamental pillar of democracy of which many Kenyans enjoys here in Sweden because in Kenya it is a different story. To muzzle with media is waste of time since you cannot stop the freedom of speech. It is through the unrelenting gathering and dissemination of information by media to the public that the public debates and evaluates the issues that are being raised. These twin functions are the womb out which one of the most cherished freedom in a society like Sweden is born, that’s FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. This freedom of expression cannot be enjoyed in a society where there is no free and independent media.

Wakenya in Stockholm are so much afraid of what the blogs are writing. Why? Let people express there thoughts freely because that’s the only way we can learn and change if a change is needed. Be it scandal, politics, weddings or name them, we must know that a story has two sides. Analyse the story then digest it before you start doubting whether it gossiping or very important information. However, enjoyment of freedom of expression like any other fundamental freedoms of individual carries with it certain duties and responsibilities. Our Kenyan blogs in Sweden are doing a great job and we cannot stop them from operating since we depend on them as a source of information within our small Kenyan community in Sweden. The blogs educates us about issues and current events that are taking place in Stockholm so that Wakenya can make informed choices and decisions.

Blog owners on the other side must perform their noble roles without infringing on the rights and freedoms of private persons and in accordance to the laws of Sweden. We have a duty to respect the rights of others and the requirement to balance the exercise of the freedom of expression against other equal important freedoms such as the RIGHT OF PRIVACY. All blog owners have a duty to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards. The purpose of blogs is not to tarnish people’s names or to be used as weapons of mass destruction. Blogs can be used in a better way of transmitting information.

We have no control over what an individual can write on his/her blog. Information also comes in different way like KSB has kiss and other blogs have their own sources where they collect news and gossip. Kenyan bloggers in Sweden use their blogs in different way and we can’t stop anyone from writing whatever he/she wants to write as long as the law is followed. Sometime we have good information and some times it is only gossip and propaganda and my position is that threatening one another will not solve our blog problems. My blog is my mouthpiece and I use it the way I want. There are very few things that unite us as Kenyans in Sweden, our flag is one, our tribes, friendship and in times of ceremonies we come together. Your party, religion or tribe becomes irrelevant in times a Kenyan has a problem and help is needed. As the huge African sun rises tomorrow in Africa, it will be our joy to see us united because we need one another. Blog owners must start their own organization and use it to solve blog problems rather than writing and publishing things that are irrelevant to the current situation.

Munala Wa Munala.


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