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A Kenyan beaten By A Tanzanian At the “Vasa Chapel” In Stockholm.

A Kenyan man was beaten by a Tanzanian over the weekend at the “Vasa Chapel”. The Tanzanian guy hit the Kenyan mercilessly as viewers felt sorry for the smashed Kenyan man. According to well-placed sources within the “Vasa Chapel”, the Kenyan is a well known man who has witnessed against his country men in Swedish courts whenever he knows that he will gain some money. The source told Jamii that the Kenyan man has been a witness in two major cases here in Stockholm against his fellow Kenyans who have served their jail term successful.

The source told Jamii also that the fracas started over a disagreement on who was supposed to enter the “Chapel” first since they arrived at the “Chapel” at the same time. The Kenyan wanted to enter first because he was very thirsty and he wanted to buy a beer before the Tanzanian but it never worked.  The Kenyan pushed the Tanzanian and in return, the Kenyan received an “African” blow in his face and it was reported that he became confused and started talking like someone who has been filled with the “holy spirit”. “I have never seen a Kenyan being beaten by a Tanzanian, this is a big shame to my country Kenya”, said the sources. According to sources, the Tanzanian has been waiting for this chance since last year. It was reported that the Tanzanian was beaten by a Kenyan last year and this was a big “victory cum revenge”.

The Kenyan turned the tables on the Tanzanian after being helped by another Kenyan but it did not take long before the Tanzanian regained his position and smashed him again. Looming dangerously on the Kenyan, the Kenyan discovered it was a bad outing since the Tanzanian vowed to end the Kenya’s unbeaten record when it comes to “Ngumi za Stockholm” However, the Tanzanian felt sorry for the  defenceless Kenyan and decided to take it light weight. It was after things had fallen apart for the Kenyan that a Nigerian man and the owner of the “Vasa Chapel” rescued the Kenyan after crying for help. Experienced in this kind of operations, the owner threatened to call the police and when the Tanzanian heard the word police, he vanished. It was a big shame! Jamii condemns this kind of violence and may peace prevail among Kenyans and Tanzanians in Stockholm.

Munala Wa Munala.


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