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“Kwa Umoja Pamoja”, Says Mrs Purity Muhindi.

The long awaited controversial Kenyatta day celebration is over and Wakenya are now back in their bases to prepare new attack or missiles towards the embassy. In a well attended function in Stockholm on Saturday that was organized by Kenya Embassy , the Kenyan ambassador to Scandinavia Mrs Purity Muhindi has something to smile at given the fact that many concerned Kenyans have been constantly demanding her to meet Kenyans and address them. Addressing Wakenya for the first time since she arrived here last year, the ambassador used her diplomatic skills to deliver a diluted political speech in favor of the current government.

Though not mentioning names, it was very clear that the Kibaki development record was like agenda number one in her speech to Wakenya during the Kenyatta day celebration. It was the first time the ambassador used the platform to talk to Wakenya since she came a year ago. The reception was attended by embassy officials, representatives from different Kenyan organizations and Kenyans and their friends in general. The Ambassador used the occasion to inform the Kenyan Community of the progress Kenya has achieved in the promotion of economic development.

She encouraged Kenyans and the Africans of the Diaspora to consider investing in Kenya by taking advantage of the vibrant economic situation currently obtained in the country. She urged Kenyans in Scandinavia at large to uphold the Kenyan values of hard work, honesty and respect for others. She particularly asked Kenyans to portray a positive image of Kenya and respect one another. Mrs Purity Muhindi in her husbands company introduced the female dominated embassy staff and in her speech, it sounded like responding to what the critics have been calling “selective Invitation”.

She said that the large community of Kenyans abroad contributes billions of Kenya shillings annually through cash and remittances that had helped to transform the economy of our mother land. The economic growth was on the agenda and she used this platform to inform Kenyans that the Kibaki government had made sure that the economy was growing rapidly and currently the economic growth is at 6%”. The ambassador used this platform to praise the Kenyan heroes for what they have done for Kenya.

Kenyans and their friends who flocked the the Kista local to join the embassy staff to mark this year’s Kenyatta day celebration praised the ambassador for organizing the event. Many were happy and the ambassador mingled around saying hallo to her people and in general it was a good atmosphere for those who attended. Dressed to kill were both Kenyan men and women and colour marked this year’s Kenyatta day celebrations. Being the first Kenyatta day celebration in Sweden, the ambassador deserves congratulation for a well job done.

A number of Kenyans-Stockholm “dignitaries” were present. Among them, former Kesofo chairlady Ms Winnie Mukaru, Chairman of CCM Mr. Jeff Olengais, Vice chairman of Kesofo Mr. Okoth Osewe, NARK- S chairman Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Kesofo treasurer Mr. Silas Njuguna, Pastor Tillar and family, Pastor Muraya and family, Pastor Samson, Mr. Munene, Mr. Mbugua, Opee Jnr., Mark Gaya,  Opanda, Goka, Gerry Midenyo, Betty Otiato, Photographers Jeff and Keegan, Tony Odera, Faith, Mrs. Kinyua, Mrs. Ng’anga, businessmen Mr. Clay and Mr. Adiwa, Njoro from expression, and other “dignitaries” arrived in style to join the ambassador in commemorating this special day.

Inside, everyone was treated equal and there was no sign to show who is who among the guests. A Kenyan gospel singer Mrs Lisa Muraya was not left behind as she sang the notational anthem. The peak of the celebration was when the ambassador launched the embassy’s website. Kenyans in Sweden have been in darkness when it comes to official information from the embassy and I think it was the right step in the right direction. Mr. William was in the “swallowship department” and he served the food in style and for those who missed the celebration, don’t make the same mistake during Jamhuri day. The critics were left with nothing to say but just to say “Bwana asifiwe”. Hongera Bi. Muhindi.

Munala Wa Munala.


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