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elcome to Kenyatta day; Says outgoing Kenya Diplomat

The outgoing diplomat at the Kenyan Embassy to Scandinavia,  last Sunday welcomed Bagarmossen outreach ministry and all other Kenyans in Sweden to attend Kenyatta day ceremony which will be held on Saturday 20th October at Kista between 17.00 hrs and 20.00 hrs. the address is Isafjördgatan 22.(Check

The first secretary Mr. George Kinyua, on behalf of the Ambassador Mrs. Muhindi, openly invited the Bagarmossen Out reach ministry to attend the celebration. George Kinyua , on behalf of the Kenyan Ambassador took the opportunity to pass the message to the Christian society  in Bagarmossen. He said; “the ministry is invited by the Ambassador to attend the celebration.” The Kenyan Christian societies are known to be passive when it comes to political matters, concetrating only on matters of spiritual growth. This move by the outgoing diplomat is seen as a signal to Kenyans to tell us that we must mix politics with our day to day life since it affects all aspects of our lives. Our souls need spiritual naurishement, our bodies strives for physical food while our brains are conforted by knowledge nutrients.

Kenya embassy must acquire a website now!
It is unfortunate that the Kenyan embassy does not use the available means of communication to notify Kenyans in Sweden on these special occasions that are important particularly for all Kenyans wherever they maybe. Kenyatta day is a day for all of us. Despite our political differences, we must honor and respect this symbolic day! Our first president, though he also left behind a “bucketful” of his own failures, he represented our people and nation in conquering the enemy who chained us and took all our riches including our names and identity.

Effects of enslavement haunting us still
The effects of this enslavement are still haunting us till now. By celebrating these occasions, we are reminded of being alert not forgetting the history that shaped us to what we are now.
Our history is our resource in making better the future for us and the coming generation. We are genuine when we agree that the future is not the time that comes but the product of our deeds in the moment we share today. The Kenya embassy in Sweden has for sure failed in doing it’s job! 

We are forced to remind the embassy that they are here to represent us and not on a  holiday. According to our African traditions, we are brought up to value human to human contact and whenever we meet, we socialize and share the brotherhood that makes us all unique. In the modern world, like here in Sweden, technology has made it very easy for people to interact and share information without having to physically meet. We had hopped that the Kenyan embassy in such a high class technological country would show us the way, but sorry, they instead do all what they can to hide from us. No wonder many of us become less patriotic.

We have stood by the embassy this long!
We have seen the embassy being critically criticized by major bloggers and certainly, by Diaspora Kenyans in general for failing to facilitate the diplomatic affairs in regards to the Kenyan community in Sweden. We have sided with the embassy for so long but enough is enough. (We) referring to the writer and cooperation, offered the embassy of Kenya, out of my own patriotic intentions to make a website at a low price. For reason not known to me, they refused! They sent me to and fro giving demands on how they want the site to look like just to drop it all together.
Kenya embassy desperately needs a homepage
The embassy must be able to communicate with its citizens in Sweden and digitalize the whole office. In 2006, this writer advised the office to buy a server in order to raise their security. This has not been done up to date. Maybe the staff thought I was trying to fix a job for myself at the embassy.
The rest of the world has long gone digital while the Kenyan embassy amidst the most technologically developed country is still turning massive pages of  poorly kept paper files all over office tables and drawers. I have no idea how they manage it.): It is utterly embarrassing, Issues that would take minutes to fix like visa and passport renewal takes ages and sometimes they disappear like in the case of Ann Okoth (story here). Kenya deserves better treatment than this.

Kenya, among many other countries needs to think on upgrading their offices in order to be effective and safe. For 2 year, between 2004-2006, I made about 10 versions of websites, spending enormous time and resources trying to influence the Kenyan embassy in Sweden to buy my idea. At some point, I got so tired and sick of slow and unwilling character of the “buyer” that I decided to even offer to host the site and manage it for 6 months for free but it did not convince the embassy either.  I attended meetings after meeting- Lastly, I was allowed to meet a very arrogant principle and some other lady who sat and laughed mockingly while trying to acquire information on how much knowledge I had on web production. This lady did not even seem to have mastered the layout of her keyboard on her working table- sorry to say this but my “gentlemanship” was pushed too far. I am sure they did not realize that they kept me outside too long when in reel fact, according to the invitation I received, it stated that I was to have an interview exactly 1500 but that was not before 1700.
If I was a Swede or for instance, Caucasian, I bet you my socks, they would never have kept me for that long! But it seams that the inferiority and superiority complex is still eating up our society.

My promise was   to work on the website for the sake of Kenya.
It was my at most  desire to safe the embassy and the Kenyan people from the shame of being in Sweden and not being able to make a site where people can download traveling documents without necessarily having to travel all the way to Stockholm just to pick some information.
I still welcome the Kenyan embassy to contact me for a new deal! This time I am not going to spend a single minute letting you make me look like a big damn fool like you did last time, but we will talk serious business!
All the same, the tourist who visits Kenya from Scandinavia, Kenyans abroad, all Kenyan political parties in Sweden and other organization are demanding that the embassy of Kenya pulls itself together and make a website. You are loosing on millions.

Your website would increase the number of tourist to Kenya certainly by a huge percent.
The Maasaiwarrior cooperation takes this opportunity to wish all Kenyans in Diaspora and back at home a pleasant heroic Kenyatta Day! On October 20th 2007.



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