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Kenya is Ready For Raila.

Raila should be elected Kenya ‘s next President so that the nation can realize the greater prosperity and growth. If you vote for Kibaki, you put our homeland at risk of being led by a tested tribal leader who has driven Kenya into another Moi era. His PANUA party has nothing new to offer. Kibaki has done his work and it is time for the old man to go home and rest. If not protecting his corrupt friends, why is the Mzee struggling again to lead the country. Kibaki has been in politics since 1963 and if he is wise, it’s time for him to say kwaheri Wananchi. In the next General elections, Kenyans should make their decision on the basis of key issues that affect the normal Kenyan. Kenyans must trash the Kibaki regime for its limited successes and for not giving 500,000 jobs that the regime promised Kenyans when it took power. It is possible to come to a reasoned conclusion that Kenyans should seriously think about giving Raila a chance to be the President after Kibaki taking them for aride for 5 years. Kibaki and his cronies have been fooling Kenyans with goodies and it is time for Kenyans to call for a true leader who has the heart of the people. Currently we have only one man that can fit in that chair, Raila Odinga.

Raila will accelerate the path of economic prosperity of the last 5 years to a double digit. No doubt Kenya has prospered moderately under the Kibaki regime  but still, there are many economic governance decisions that have been made incorrectly, and this accounts to Kibaki failing to address the issues correctly. However, we can do better if only we elect Raila to be the chief leader of Kenya. Some of the current regimes mis-steps in economic governance are legendary (Anglo-leasing; lack of strategic engagement with the international community on key issues that are important to Kenya’s economic interests, lack of adequate provision on key infrastructural needs such as main arterial roads, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and the list is endless).

With another Kibaki presidency, we are unlikely to see much radical changes in economic governance issues, corruption, tribalism and distribution of our resources just to name a few. However, with the key decisions including institution building decisions  made under Kibaki, a new president stands a chance of deepening the reforms in all sectors of governance.The opportunity to construct an institutional mechanism for sharing national wealth across regions and classes that will supplement without supplanting the on-going economic prosperity. Raila will guard against the likely validly righteous but deeply disruptive democratically populist but ominously anti-economic politics that might discourage continued investment by both local and international investors.

To do this, we must simultaneously encourage the on-going economic growth while putting in place effective mechanisms for sharing the prosperity. Raila’s articulated social democratic ideology is useful. While Kibaki’s mainly neo-classical economic thinking will take care of the front-end of things (economic development brought by an enabling environment that rewards private initiative and incentives) as it has done for the past five years,  Raila’s social democratic political ideology will take care of the back-end of things (social cooperation and cohesion brought about by redistribution and other mechanisms for managing social conflicts and reducing moral hazards). Call it Majimbo.

Raila has promised the possibility of national healing of the deep wounds of tribal suspicions and prejudice that have been re-opened recently under Kibaki leadership. The Kibaki presidency has, willingly deepened the ethnic cleavage in Kenyan politics making sure that only Mt. Kenya people takes the big share of the national cake. Many Kikuyu people especially my friends in Sweden will not agree with me on the above but they forget (adhabu ya kaburi, aijuae ni maiti). We cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend that we will become a nation by default. We must make sober political choices that will take us to a level that all Kenyans are equal and Raila has promised it. The next General elections provides Kenyans with an opportunity to begin a post-tribal political discourse in Kenya under a democratic leader by the name Raila Odinga. He will not allow politics where ethnic affiliation and tribal identity miraculously become extinct, but one where individuals can think across ethnic affiliations in a socially rational way that foregrounds the interests of the whole Kenya.

The necessity of putting in place mechanisms for solving social and political conflicts in ways that brings confidence to economic actors to invest in risky and long-term enterprises makes this task even more urgent. The first step to get there is a Raila presidency. Because of Kenya ‘s unique tribal politics, President Raila will be a powerful symbol that will show that we are in a new post-tribe era. Raila is a saintly anti-tribal leader and if elected  the President, it will be in itself a big first step towards one Kenya. A Luo presidency will put to rest the idea that some Kenyans cannot be President because of their tribal affiliation.

Luos have been mistreated in Kenya ‘s political history. The story of Tom Mboya (Ready or Not) is real and it would be difficult to move forward in building a unified nation unless and until we address this perception which is the reality. A Raila presidency does that and hence he is likely to re-align political and economic forces – hence making tribe less of a factor in politics and economic governance. This is because, first, despite his socialist and progressive  political struggle, Raila is deeply capitalistic, a hard-core entrepreneur. He is therefore unlikely to destroy the economic base but is likely to forge class-based alliances across the political divide. Short of assuming draconian dictatorial powers, President Raila will not easily afford to be complacent, he will be facing well-heeled political opponents. These would be opponents who have a solid economic base and would not crumble easily due to the use of moderate state power against them. President Raila as he has promised will direct some much needed infrastructural finances towards Western Kenya, North eastern, Nyanza, Coast and then central region. Why not Raila?

Munala Wa Munala.


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