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What Hon. Purity Muhindi Missed When She Arrived In Sweden.

Hon. Purity Muhindi has been under attack since day one she arrived in this country. Wakenya of all walks have pointed their fingers and anger to her and many have shown how disappointed they are in her leadership. Many Kenyans now wish that ambassadors could be elected and not appointed. The recent scam concerning Mrs Ann Okoth passport just added another wound to an already wounded ambassador. It is necessary for Hon. Purity Muhindi to obtain the full benefit of these happenings so that she can open an honest discussion on all obstacles and challenges before her and resolve to work as members of a single Kenyan nation. We should all discuss together how we can overcome the challenges that are before us especially this period when Kenya is facing an election in less than 2months.

I do not need to restate that our country has now reached an important juncture politically. As we prepare to tell Kibaki kwaheri, it is in my view that all Kenyans who reside in Sweden must spend their valuable time contributing on how they want an ODM government to look like. It is very clear that a section of Kenyans are supporting Kibaki not on principles but because they are from the same tribe. It is essential to resolve the question of tribalism which is the most important issue before our country. It is also necessary to consider our future role and functions in representing our country with regard to the many aspects of foreign policy followed by us for a long period.

It is very important for the Kenyan embassy in Sweden to organize on how they can meet Kenyans before elections because their fate will be decided very soon. With Hon. Pirity Muhindi representing Kenyans in Sweden, she must also organise some workshop under her direction to enlighten and clarify the cloudy nature that she has been operating under. She is entrusted by Kenyans and to my understanding she can help Kenyans in shaping our future foreign policies and prepare the necessary activities in this regard through her active participation in the Kenyan activities.

Considering the challenges before us, it is necessary to think in depth on the role of a Kenyan Ambassador abroad. It is especially important to know that the Kenyan ambassador can play major role in uniting the small Kenyan community here in Sweden. We are aware that in the performance of her duties, her practice so far has been to carry out the traditional activities of an ambassador in representing a country but in many ways, she has failed. However, my understanding of diplomacy is obtaining the maximum benefits for one’s country through discussion and bargaining among countries and groups representing the countries.

It is no secret that her primary task is to maintain good relations between Kenya our motherland and Sweden the country of her residence at the highest level. However, it is necessary for Purity Muhindi to consider whether her time should be spent solely to strengthen good relations or to provide consular services to Kenyan residents in Sweden. She is required to play a multi-faceted role in which she has failed big time.

In the situation of globalization we face today, there are many important matters that require much thought. Among these, the economic development of Kenya is of the highest important. The Kibaki government is making many efforts to attract foreign investors to our country but they are forgetting that Kenyans who reside in Sweden are the biggest investors in our country. Among her responsibilities is to explain clearly to investors abroad about investment policies as well as what investments are possible in our country but what Purity Muhindi has done leaves a lot of doubts. To the best of my knowledge I cannot say that our mission has carried out this task very well. I regret this and hope that our mission will change when we vote in a new ODM government.

On the other hand, our Kenyan business people in Sweden have not been supported by the embassy. Most of them are not informed through the embassy in keeping with the prevailing international market trends, to make presentations to the business world about the products and services that Kenya can provide to the international community. I fail to understand why our ambassador is unable to do this. I do not know whether our ambassador have made representations in Sweden about the products of our country. Many Kenyan business men and women that I know have established themselves here in Sweden through their own efforts.

Anyway to renew a passport, you must use a considerable struggle and this explains everything about our embassy in Sweden. If Mrs Ann Okoth was a business-woman, she could have lost a lot of valuable business days struggling to get a passport. It is my honest belief that if Hon. Purity Muhindi contribution had been there, many of our products would have had more opportunities to enter the Swedish market. Our government has not sent you and your families to Sweden only to attend evening parties and provide a good education to your children. You should have a deep and honest love and feeling for Kenya and its people.

We have allocated billions of Kenya money from our budget to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of this, a lot of tax payer’s money goes for the running of our missions abroad. This includes salaries, allowances, payments to the embassy staff and other perks and privileges. It is necessary to consider whether we obtain the full benefit of the money spend on every foreign mission. Some of our missions abroad do not do any work to strengthen our economy and bilateral relations or to bring investors to Kenya. Of what benefit are such missions to Kenya?  When ODM takes power we hope there will be deep study of these missions and we expect they will close down some or else change their staff, and strengthen other missions especially in Sweden.

It is a big shame that innocent people who provide us with considerable foreign exchange from their earnings are faced with problems like renewing a passport. Some officers in our embassy are not even ready to speak decently or kindly to Kenyans. Our Kenyan people abroad should be looked with more interest and consideration because they sweat, toil and undergo much hardship and suffering in providing foreign exchange to our country. Embassy staff salaries are paid from the remittances made by us.

Apart from your official duties, on many occasions if you cannot help, assist and provide security to our people in times of crises. What use are you as an ambassador if you cannot provide security to Kenyans? It is you who have to make inquiries when a Kenyan citizen faces difficulties in Sweden. People like the late Juliet Kavinga’s case are a gone case. Our Kenya brother who is serving a three year jail term is another Kenyan that the embassy has done nothing to see that justice prevails. Two Kenyans were brutally beaten by racist guards early this year but the Kenyan embassy did nothing. Hon. Purity, why are you here in Sweden? We need to meet you us Kenyans so that you can explain to us why you are here.

Munala Wa Munala.


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