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Do They Want “Kitu Kidogo” For Mrs Ann Okoth To Get Her Passport?

When was it issued? Do you have the following; 2 passport photos with name written on the back of it; PT1 form and Money order to cover replacement; when did you send the passport in? So we would have received it? Give me your number and i will check? Come kesho because the file is missing and Mr so and so is not in. Sometimes when you have to deal with our Kenyan civil servants, you feel like going in there and sorting it out yourself – where do they get these people?!

Having said that, when I needed my passport renewed here in Sweden, I went in personally instead of using the post, because that can take forever! The Kenyan Embassy in Sweden has always been helpful to me, might be I am lucky, but most people complain about dealing with our Embassy. It is always thus with most Kenya government offices. They are very laid back and your problems are certainly not theirs.

It is definitely a worrying situation for Mrs Okoth, but the Kenya embassy is taking it as a simple case of passport renewal. I can’t imagine how other people with more dire situations are treated. We know passports are selling like hot cakes especially if you have overseas visa or permanent visa. It’s better to go home and have it done there. I also happen to know a few Kenyans with Swedish permanent residence who sent their pp’s to Kenya embassy and they never got them back. The chances of her getting her passport are you won’t get it back unless a struggle has to start now.

I have been to the Kenyan embassy before and it’s high time the clerks working there realised that we are not living in the “kitu kidogo” regime. HATA SISI HUKULA REGIME DIED WHEN WE KICKED MOI OUT OF POWER AND THIS WOMAN MUST BE GIVEN HER PASSPORT NOW. WE SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN BACK TO THE ERA OF WHO KNOWS WHO WHERE TO BE ASSURED OF ANY ASSISTANCE. Kenya political and social organizations in Sweden must start a straggle to pin the embassy down and find out whether the passport has even been sent to Nairobi since “got lost philosophy” in Nyayo House can be at work.

Mrs Okoth must refuse the check “next week” mentality the official use to push time.  Its saddening that they don’t consider your feelings or the reason for your inquiry. I can’t understand the laidback way in which these people just take matters. What if it was an emergency? That’s such a shame for our Kenyan Embassy in Sweden and the Kibaki government. The Kenyan embassy staff in Sweden should all be relocated to Nyayo House to look for that passport if they can’t be bothered to do their jobs here in Sweden. They should strive to be more efficient. We are tired of dealing with bureaucracy and horrible inefficiencies. We must do something to help our sister to get her passport and the straggle for her passport must continue.

Munala Wa Munala.


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