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Voting For Raila Odinga Means Voting For Change!

December 2007 will be a momentous day in Kenya’s political history as we say bye to Mr. Kibaki and we usher in Mr. Raila Agwambo Odinga as the president of Kenya. Already political heavy weights in Scandinavia have predicted a major win for ODM.   Railas’ leadership style is beyond approach and in many ways he has demonstrated that he is a democratic leader. Be assured that if ODM takes power, all criminals in former president Mois’ government and the current one will be brought to face justice.

The average Kenyan now cherishes the concept of democracy through the ballot box. The realisation that one can make a difference, even though being one of the poorest of the poor is important.  There is no turning back, changes are expected and this is just the beginning.  Kenyans expected a lot when Narc took power but all that was expected has turned to be empty promises. Will Kenyans expect gold if ODM takes power?  The answer is YES.  Raila has proven beyond doubts that he is ready for change and many Kenyans are waiting for the change. Change is usually gradual, and ODM supporters all over the world know this and they are willing to wait.

Long gone are those Moi’s days when you turned up to vote only to find out your name was mysteriously absent from the electoral register. The only way an ordinary Kenyan can play a role is by voting for ODM because your vote is the first step toward the big change. Your vote counts and no amount of military hardware, distance to polling station, rain, mud and violence can stop people who want to bring change. The politically active Kenyans in Scandinavia believes that Kenya is mature for a radical leader like Raila and that’s why Raila has major support in this part of the world. Even Narc-Kenya sympathisers are supporting Raila and Kibaki is going to be surprised after the vote counting come 2007.

We have very little time on our hands, and if you want to see a new Kenya, vote for ODM. Voting for ODM means that you are shaping Kenya’s future and your children’s children will harvest good fruits. It is clear that Mr. Kibaki have hijacked the concept of democracy, starved Wakenya and waged war to steal our resources for no apparent reasons. What the common person wants is simply basic freedom to choose and go about his/her business, work and feed his or her family and have a good life. But all the above have been hijacked by few friends of Kibaki.

This basic freedom is denied on a daily basis and Kenyans are not involved in day to day decisions making.  The government has denied many Kenyans enough education so that they can make informed choices and stire them into action without destroying the fabric of our society. It is cheaper to make these changes from within and the only organ that can bring the change is ODM because other political parties in Kenya are confused tribal and have shattered dreams and empty promises.

Kenya returned to multiparty democracy with the elections of December 1992 – the first multiparty elections since the pre-independence elections of 1963. In the presidential polls of December 1997, Mr. Daniel arap Moi (Kenya African National Union) garnered through rigging. Raila Odinga (National Development Party) was third with 10.9 per cent. Of the four major parties, the Kenya National African Union (KANU) gained 114 seats, the Democratic Party (DP) 41, the National Development Party (NDP) 22 and Ford Kenya 18 seats.

In its statement on the 1997 elections, EU gave tribute to the people of Kenya for the manner in which they exercised their right to vote. Their patience was an impressive feature of the elections as was the conduct of election officials, party agents and domestic observers. The 1997 election may be seen as a further step in Kenya’s development towards greater democracy. Since then Raila has been patient and waiting for this great time and it is wise for Kenyans to give him a chance to lead Kenya.

There is fear that Kibaki will use Moi´s tactic of winning elections. Since he took power the year 2002, he has been very close to the retired President. Moi`s school of politics is very dangerous to Wakenya and democracy in general. We hope that the ECK will ensure the electoral process is free, fair and transparent. It is constitutionally bound to act as a neutral arbiter. The ECK is led by Mr. Samuel Kivuitu since 1997 and a very close friend to Kibaki.

The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Act of 7 November 1997 expanded the functions and areas of responsibility of the ECK in the electoral process greatly to include; Promoting free and fair elections, registering voters and maintaining and revising the voters’ register, directing and supervising presidential, parliamentary and local government elections, reviewing the numbers and boundaries of constituencies and changing them if it considers desirable and it is responsible for intensive training programmes for all voters.  We have more than 14 million voters in Kenya, how many will vote for ODM? The future of Kenya is ODM.

Munala Wa Munala.


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