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“It Takes Faith To Live In This World Of Tragedies,” Says Hon. Purity Muhindi.

A memorial Service in commemoration of the first anniversary of the death of A Kenyan diplomat the late Mr. Kiboi took place on Saturday in Stockholm. In attendance was top embassy officials Mrs. Purity Muhindi, her secretary Ann and Mrs. Catherine Kiboi, the wife to late Kiboi. Kiboi was remembered as eloquent leader who was keen on bringing unity among Kenyans and Africans in General. The Kenyan ambassador to Sweden met Wakenya for the fast time outside her office at the memorial service. 

The ambassador said that it takes a lot of faith to live in a world where tragedy can strike suddenly; taking the lives of loved ones. Mrs. Purity spoke to Wakenya and friends in a soft planned manner to avoid being “misquoted” at a memorial service of the late diplomat Kiboi at the Immanuel church in Stockholm. In her speech that was well written to fit the occasion, she confirmed that Mrs Catherine Kioboi is working at the mission clearing speculations that Wakenya had before the announcement. Being a diplomat, this was the best place for her to announce that Catherine was working at the embassy.

By mingling God and politics in a very professional way, she left no space for questions after the service. She said, “I believe we are restored by a loving God, who comforts us in the midst of trouble, faith should turn our hearts not only to God, but also to late Kiboi´s family that needs comfort”. The service included hymns, prayers, Scripture readings and Christian dancing. For many Kenyan, it was a big surprise to see the ambassador at this function. She is popularly known in a voiding Kenyan community gathering in Stockholm because it is believed that they are hostile.

At the memorial service, Mrs Kiboi told Wakenya that she has suffered a lot since she lost the beloved husband. She continued to preach to Kenyans in Stockholm to unite and seek God because; it is only God who can comfort us. She drove the point at home by asking Lisa to sing a special number called “Immanuel the Father”.

The pastor of African Fellowship Church in Sweden said God is faithful and if we trust in him, nothing will terrify us.  He led worshipers and non worshipers in giving thanks to God by joining hands and praying. Tanya, the daughter to the late Kiboi spoke to the gathering and she was wondering why God lets bad things happen to good people, and leave them to look for answers, comfort and support from friends. The young girl poured her pain on a small piece of paper and it could be felt in the gathering because some people started shedding tear.

Mr. Jeff Ole Ngais, one of the speakers told the gathering that they should be celebrating because they are still a live. “There are millions of people who are dead by this time am standing here, thank God that you are still a live”. The politician thanked Wakenya for coming and encouraged them to unite as brothers and sisters if they want to accomplish what the late Kiboi wanted to say. The chairman of CCMS continued to tell Africans to help one another to solve problems in our continent.

Munala wa Munala.


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