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Kibaki Must Read The Writings On the ODM Wall.

Jamii crew wants to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Raila Odinga for being nominated as the ODM presidential candidate. The current team of ODM will bring the changes Wakenya have been waiting for. Kenya need radical overhaul and the only group that can do this is ODM because it is surrounded with the most able minds our nation can offer. ODM has people who are committed and are prepared to be part of a team that seeks solutions to people’s problems. If ODM remains intact, the Kibaki era will come to a mighty close.

Kibaki has many problems to worry a bout in the coming three month. His club of the rich elite are still scrambling with which party will sponsor the Mzee back to power. Experience from Kanu teaches us that it won elections by default simply because the opposition was not united. This time ODM has shown in many ways that its leaders are mature and they have a common goal. Mr. Raila Odinga has the backing of all 8 provinces in Kenya if the nomination is something to go by. If Raila´s line-up can hold together and translates its supporters into votes, ODM will win the 2007 elections.

It is true it will be a tough battle, but with the current political line-up in ODM, I have no doubt that ODM has an express ticket to state house. ODM now has to concentrate on how to master a landslide victory come 2007. In a straight fight between Kibaki and Raila, most likely the majority of the ethnically confused Kikuyus will vote for Raila.

For Kenya to develop, we need to clean up all Kibaki´s mess and start a fresh. I hope Kenya will achieve all the ideas that ODM has laid down. We need radical changes that have never been proven by any government in Africa. For Kenyan people to achieve economical, political and social changes, we must throw Kibaki and his cronies out come 2007. To start with, dormant ambassadors like Purity Muhindi, the Kenyan ambassador to Sweden must be taken back to Kenya to a void wasting tax payers money on paying her salary because she is not working for Wakenya rather she is here for own opportunistic agendas. I hope ODM will deal with such people immediately they take power. We want a working Nation and not a sleeping one.

Munala wa Munala.


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