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Moi and Kibaki Re-Union Is Poisonous To Kenyans.

The government of Kenya under Mwai Kibaki has recycled former president Moi into a government propaganda machine. Moi has launched a campaign group for Kibaki re-election. After his appointment as a special peace envoy to Sudan, Moi has new energy to muscle the ODM group which is the only progressive party in Kenya. The whole project stinks corruption and has the hall-marks of previous and dirty scams linked to both Moi and Kibaki with their suspicious dirty politics of the past.

Majority of Kenyans live in slums. The country has become a “tourist attraction” because it has one of the largest slums in the world. This year, more than 300,000 children missed class one because of lack of schools, teachers and basic equipment such as books, desks, blackboards, dusters, chalks etc.  For Moi to start working with Kibaki to ensure he gets back to lead the country is a demonstration of lack of sensitivity and foresight on the part of the government and its sycophants like Moi. The main driving force that has blinded the Kibaki regime when it comes to sound investment of tax payer’s money is corruption. It is in this light that the Moi/Kibaki project needs to be seen.

Apart from Moi bringing the issue to public attention, there are many other things that Moi and Kibaki have been doing in darkness. Wakenya must refuse this kind of re-union because it´s poisonous to our country. All patriotic Kenyans and progressive MPs must take up the issue as alarming to our democracy. Moi is not a democratic leader and he is not supposed to guide Wakenya into what we see going back to his dark period. MPs who claim to be the people’s watch dogs should resist the Moi/Kibaki re-union project and remind Moi to take a back seat in the country’s politics.

This project is yet another indication that the Kibaki government should suffer a huge and humiliating defeat in the December elections. The degree of corruption we are witnessing today is simply a continuation from where Moi left it and this is another important point which Kenyan voters should note as election campaigns continue. Kibaki must take bus no. 40 back to Othaya and enjoy the fruits of Wakenya that he and his cronies have stolen.

Munala wa Munala.


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