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What Is The Next Step For Speaker Ole Kaparo?

The outgoing Speaker for the national assembly Francis Ole Kaparo is preparing to highjack the newly made Laikipia North District. Unfortunately the minister for justice, Martha Karua’s bill on equal representation was shot down by the ODM opposition a week ago. Kaparo had looked forward to have a constituency of his own(Laikipia North constituency) where he would retire and play passive politics when parliament is dissolved before elections by end of 2007.Ole Kaparo is regrouping the Kaparo and the Putunoi’s family to run a campaign for him to contest for the Laikipia East constituency which is currently held by Mwangi Kiunjuri.

Kampan Godfrey, a “Nairobian” but local villager from Il polei, visited Il polei location to hold a meeting with the local chief and other influential leaders to campaign for Ole Kaparo in the coming election. According to reliable sources, Kaparo wants to go back to politics just to retain his powerful position in the society. For Kaparo, the rule of individualism is all what matters! It is all about him and himself! The society is never mentioned apart from when they owe him some votes! According to report provided by Mukogodo youth, Kampan- ( Kaparo’s personal campaigner), is very unfamous among the Il- Laikipia Mukogodo Maasai due to his negative attitude towards the social-cultural and economic situation of the Maasai society.Sources say that, youth from Il polei and Kimanjo are already regrouping to work against Kampan and his master Ole Kaparo. They know that Kaparo has delivered far less what was expected out of him. Moreover, the Mukogodo people have seen how Kaparo has risen from total poverty to riches beyond any measure.They have also witnesses the fall and suppression of many promising figures from Mukogodo society. This lead any critical mind to wander, why is it only Ole Kaparo who ever managed to succeed from the Mukogodo society? Is he the only one with brains, or the only blessed child of a forgotten society?Young promising men and women, like John Papita Legei,teacher, Elizabeth Rikannah, Mukogodo community trust gender promoter, Mrs. Lesuuda and Matunge(nick named as tallman), former DC, are a few prominent persons who can be supported to contest the parliamentary seat coming next election.This people are from the village, and they have all their lives and dreams in the village. They want to develop, defend and promote Mukogodo under any cost. Their dreams are to integrate the marginalized societies with the rest of the country.Unlike the Kampan and Kaparo’s who are determined that the Mukogodo people and their “culture” is doomed to uncertainty.Given opportunities, Lesuuda or Elizabeth in particular would make wonders, for we all know how powerful those two women are! They are respected in our society and as well acquainted with our problems.Strategically, they are suited to lead us, “the warrior society” representing, promoting and creating awareness particularly on the need for gender sensitivity and equal representation.Kibaki’s political strategicLaikipia North district was caved out of Laikipia East and west constituency.This became President Kibaki’s political “strategic weapon” placed at the time when Kenyans were letting go the last hopes of Kibaki’s government decentralization reforms promises.Kibaki came to power with main goal to fight corruption in Kenya and create a just society where all are equally represented.Kenyans might have some feelings that Kibaki wanted to do so much good for his country but his “guardians and guards” never allowed him to implement his good will.The wish of many was if only Kibaki never had such a selfish guard around him. He would have made Kenyan’s political atmosphere ´more friendly and motivating.The marginalized majority are still looking upon the president to consider their plight on social justice like for instance in the case of women representation in parliament, the indigenous marginalized groups, and the poor majority in the slums of our cities.However, the president time might be running out not unless he is given another term to win back the faith of many Kenyans who truly believed in his politics.Do Kenyans dare trust the president another five years? Is it worth letting him stay so he may prove to his guards that Kenya cannot be run on mare capitalism rules where profit goes before human life?Saidimu Ole Ngais 


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