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Mrs Purity Muhindi Playing Cat And Rat Game With Kenyan VIPs.

Kenya’s deputy permanent representative to the UN-HABITAT Mrs Yvonne Nambia Wamalwa visited Stockholm for a conference and she left to Kenya today. Her visit was kept silent by the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden and the delegates who accompanied her were kept underground until the last minute when they were invited for dinner at the ambassador’s residence.  On Friday Wakenya gathered to say hallo to the Kenya’s deputy Ambassador to the UN-Habitat but their efforts were grounded by the Kenyan Embassy in Sweden by hijacking her for the big part of Friday evening.  Wakenya complained about the way the embassy is operating in secrets instead of involving the Kenyan community in Sweden.

Kenyans who were waiting on for her on friday stressed that more attention should be given to Kenyan community in Sweden because they are the backbone of diplomatic relations between Kenya and Sweden. Given the fact that it is tax payers’ money which pays their salaries, it is very important for the Embassy to know that Wakenya have a right to demand talking to people they have employed.  The Kenyan Embassy has been operating like this since last year.

Mrs Wamalwa who is a well known person in Kenya has been has been lecturing in many seminar around the world on regional urbanisation and the flow of people from rural to urban areas.  According to Mrs Wamalwa, a sustainable city has to achieve a dynamic balance among economic, environmental and socio cultural development goals framed within an inclusive local governance system.

Through Wamalwa´s department, the government has listed a number of programmes aimed at making living conditions of Kenyans even better. Some of the areas include a sector policy, comprehensive sector legislation, trained personnel and broad exposure for issues such as designs. Others include programme and initiatives that have positive and huge sector wide impacts and the much desired political will that is one of the prerequisite for investment.

The government has started a slum upgrading programme in Nairobi , Kisumu, Mombasa , Nakuru and Kiambu together with Eldoret. Some 700 units have been put up in those areas through the National Housing Corporation. In Kibera in Nairobi, the government has already put up some 600 housing units which will be used in relocating households whose dwellings will pave way for infrastructure development at the slum which is reportedly Africa’s largest settlement with a population of some 500,000 inhabitants.   

Wamalwa´s department has asked ministries of finance in the three East Africa states to give housing more funds. They say slum upgrading should be given more emphasis adding that resources should be mobilized for the same. More people should have access to credit so that they can put up better houses and pot holes in roads should be repaired to curb deaths.  The challenges facing Mrs Wamalwa is urbanization, overcrowding, crime and insecurity, environmental degradation, poor sanitation and prevalence of HIV/Aids.

After all the above have been said, the question that lingers in many Kenyan in Sweden is that why the Kenyan embassy is grounding this kind of dignitaries? It is very important for Mrs. Purity Muhindi to open the house to Wakenya because it belongs to them. Since she arrived in Sweden last year, the ambassador has been playing cat and rat game or hide and seek. Many Kenyans are kept in darkness when it comes to information. However how much the embassy tries to play it down, it always comes out to Wakenya before even the embassy knows. Well Mr. Clay says but do I say. We better say it.

Munala Wa Munala.


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