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Maasai, Turkana And Okiek People Wants To Be Represented In African Diaspora In Sweden.

My name is Saidimu Ole Ngais. I am a Maasai man residing in Sweden. I wonder if considerations are prepared for he marginalized groups of Diaspora Africans like the Maasai, Turkana, Okiek and many others.

In your provided information you outlined guiding principles for the composition of the group. Specifically you mentioned; regional representation, gender and youth bias.

Being a Maasai from Kenya, and in particular from the isolated reserve as that of Mukogodo Il Laikipia Maasai of Kenya, it is our conviction to use all civilized means to tell the world that we are there and we need help to fight for recognition as equals to the rest of the citizens our countries.

We all share the same misery of bad governance but the systematic and intentional marginalization of a people caught between the rift separating the ”primitive and the civilized world” raises very serious concern for any right thinking citizen of the world.

Il Laikipia Maasia for instance, faces more exploitation more than any other group.

My personal request is therefore to you, the leadership of Coordinating committee of the African Diaspora in Sweden to consider equal representation of all groups particularly paying special observation on the more oppressed and marginalized indigenous groups in our countries.

It would be a double tragedy if we lack representation both at our native countries and in Diaspora.

For more information about us, please visit the maasaiwarrior’s blog at people. Your contributions are highly appreciated as well.

Any support granted will be highly appreciated.
Yours Saidimu Ole Ngais

+46735317975 or
+46 502 14 503


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