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Invitation To African Diaspora In Sweden Conference.

Coordinating Committee of the African Diaspora in Sweden,10th August 2007

Dear Dr/Mr/Ms/Mrs

The Africa Union Summit of January 2006 held in Khartoum, Sudan, endorsed South Africa as the host of the African Diaspora Summit to be held during the first quarter of 2008.  This includes the preceding Ministerial Conference, Senior Officials Meeting, a National Consultative Conference and an AU Consultative Conference.  Pursuant to this decision, Paris, United Kingdom, Latin America, North America and the Caribbean have been designated as the nodal points that would host Regional Consultative Conferences in preparation for the aforesaid Summit.  Following extensive discussions, it was decided that the Africa – African Diaspora in Europe Consultative Conference will be held in Paris on 11 – 12 September 2007.  

The purpose of the 2008 Summit in South Africa will be to create sustainable partnerships between the African Diaspora and the continent through a realizable programme of action and by creating sustainable dialogue, partnerships and strengthening Pan-African Solidarity for a better Africa and its Diaspora;

The principal partners in the organisation of the Summit are the African Union Commission and the South African Government. Participants will include ministers, parliamentarians, business people, academics, civil society and NGOs from the various African Union regions of the Diaspora.

In Paris, the event will involve the co-operation of South African Embassies based in the European Union, with the exception of London, which is a separate nodal point.

In order to assist and support the endeavours of the South African Government and specifically the South African Embassies in Paris and Sweden, organisations representing the African Diaspora in Sweden were invited to a meeting on 3rd August to discuss how the Africa Diaspora in Sweden can contribute to the process.  At the meeting, it was decided that an open meeting be called to broaden the discussion. A coordinating committee was appointed and mandated to organise the open meeting.

The committee was also mandated to advise the Embassy in Paris on whom to invite to the Paris meeting. Furthermore the committee was asked to devise a strategy for a continued process of dialogue after Paris and also to find a mechanism to encourage active participation in the discussion on the new Swedish Policy on Africa currently been discussed.

The coordinating committee has decided to establish a website to stimulate discussion and promote transparency in the process leading to the selection of participants for the Paris meeting and the process thereafter. The address to the website is:

The committee is hereby requesting nominations to be selected for the Swedish delegation to Paris. The guiding principles for the composition of the group will be regional representation, gender and youth bias, and the ability to contribute in a meaningful manner in the thematic discussions in Paris.

For a description of the themes, please see attached or visit our homepage. Names of nominees and a motivation for the nominee should be sent by email to latest by 17th August 2007. All persons who identify themselves as members of the African Diaspora residing in Sweden are eligible to be nominated.

We are also inviting you to an open meeting to be held in Stockholm on 25th August 09.30-16.00 at ABF huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm. The meeting will discuss among other things a Swedish position paper for Paris as well as a strategy for the post Paris process and the new Swedish policy on Africa. The Swedish delegation to Paris will also be presented. For the agenda of the meeting on 25th August, please visit our homepage.

For further information, please visit our homepage

Please be advised that all future communication will be through the homepage. Should you have any questions or suggestions, kindly contact any of the members of the coordinating committee or

Yours sincerely,

Coordinating committee of the African Diaspora in Sweden

Fatima Doubakil         0735506883 North Africa
Madi Gray  0704547003 Southern Africa
Beatrice Kindembe 0702923280 Central Africa
Abdulkadir Salad Ali 0850803441 Horn of Africa
Victoria Kawesa         0736511106 East Africa
Micah Kissi  0707336341 West Africa
Susan Mukami          0737144571 Youth

Resource Group
Joe Frans   0702009522
Beth Maina Ahlberg  0705478406
Catherine Odora Hoppers         086044055

Munala wa Munala.


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