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Mr. Daniel Mwaura Invites Wakenya At Fittja Beach On Saturday.

The chairman of Narc-Kenya Scandinavia Mr. Daniel Mwaura Njuguna, said today that Wakenya in Sweden must rise beyond politics of propaganda. Speaking to Jamii today at his office, he said that Kenyans in Sweden lacks a true leader who can unite them without tribal affiliations. Still in support of Prisident Kibaki’s re-election, the chairman said Mr. Kibaki has shown true leadership and Kenyans need to support him come next election.

Mr. Mwaura who is also a committee member of Social Democratic Party Fittja Branch encouraged Kenyans to join the party because it was the only party that can bring the desired changes that we hope for. “ We have common problems and it is a long time we as Kenyans can put our problems in one sack and face it with courage of solving them here,be it political, economical or social,” he said. Mr. Mwaura is planning to take a seat in the municipality come next elections and he asked Kenyans to support him to win because the competition is very high.

Meanwhile Mona Sahlin, the Chairperson of Social Democratic Party, will hold “the party summer talk” (Partiledarens sommartal) at Fittja Beach. She has chosen the segregated Botkyrka municipality which is a total contrast to Göran Persson (former party leader) who used to hold the summer talk at Björkvik an area concentrated by indigenous Swedes.

Mr. Mwaura who is also in Servicenämden in Botkyrka Kommun, with the request of the area member of parliament Ms. Christina Zedell who also is the Chairperson of Botkyrka Municipality wish to invite Kenyans and friends on Saturday the 11th August 2007 at 1300hrs at Fittja beach for this event. There will be entertainments which will include one of the biggest rapper in Sweden Mr Dogge, Zinat Pirzadrer among others. The ceremony will start at 1300hrs to 1600hrs. Fittja Branch feel very honoured to host Party Leader and your support is needed.

Munala Wa Munala.


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