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“Thank You Very Much,” Mr. Okoth Osewe Says.

Mr. Okoth Osewe has sent a message of thanks to the Kenyan community in Stockholm and friends who helped raise funds before he traveled to Kenya to attend his elder brother’s funeral. In an sms copied to the Kenyan community in Stockholm, friends and all who supported him, he said that he was grateful for the good work Wakenya and friends did to raise more than 27,000 kr in a short period of time.

Mr. Okoth sincerely appreciate the efforts Wakenya and friends did to come together to raise funds to enable him to travel to Kenya. He said he arrived well in Kenya and he was with the family planning the funeral arrangement of his brother. For those who want to console him in Kenya, they can reach him through tel. no. +254710358818.

Meanwhile the Narc-Kenya Scandinavian chapter chairman Mr. Daniel Mwaura has called Wakenya to Unite in all spheres of life and not only during Nyama choma and Funeral gatherings. The truth of the matter is that Wakenya in Sweden comes together only when a problem arises but otherwise they keep a distance. A death of a Kenyan in Sweden or a Kenyan’s relative sparks uniting force among Wakenya.

Kenyans in the Diaspora needs to unite and create a force aimed at improving the political climate in Kenya and here in Sweden by mobilizing Wakenya. “We must look for political leadership here in Sweden that can create unity among Kenyans beyond tribe,” Mr. Mwaura said.  He wished  Osewe and his family well and said that his prayers will remain with Osewe’s family during this dark period.

Munala wa Munala.


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