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27,000 skr Raised In Solidarity With Mr. Okoth Osewe.

Mr. Okoth Osewe (popular known Kenyan in Sweden and the owner of KSB) traveled to Kenya today Monday to attend his brother’s funeral who passed away in Kenya after a short illness. On Friday and Saturday, Kenyans, friends and sympathizers gathered at Mr. Osewes house in Hjulsta for a prayer meeting cum fund raising in solidarity with Mr. Osewe. A total of 27.000 kr ( plus) was raised. Kenyans, friends and sympathizers continued to deliver their condolences to the bereaved family on Sunday.

Several Kenyans attended the function including Mr. Mark Gaya, Mr. George Kinywa (a top Embassy official), Mr. Martin Ngatia, Mrs. Grace Nyambura, Mr. Silas Njuguna, Mr. Daniel Mwaura, Mr. Makan, Mr. Otieno Owilo, Mrs Monica Otti, Mr. Nixon, DJs Safi, Frank and Jimmy, Ms. Jane, Ms. Florence, Mr. Dan Aroka, among others. More than 60 people attended

The deceased, who was 44 years old and an engineer left 3- children and a widow. Despite the tragic moment, Mr. Okoth continued to remain calm and cool and also talked with mourners from time to time.  The atmosphere at the residence was good and as expected, Wakenya engaged in free debate about different issues especially Kenyan politics. The level of attendance at such short notice indicated that Mr. Osewe is well connected to Wakenya in Stockholm.

Jamii hopes that Mr. Okoth Osewe together with the entire family will be able to cope with the situation during this difficult moment. Jamii wish him all the best and a safe trip to Kenya.

Munala Wa Munala.


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