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The Kenyan Man Did Not Rape The Girlfriend!

A Kenyan man who was accused a month ago for raping his girlfriend has been sentenced for two months. The man called Mr. Clay Onyango from a rehab centre in Stockholm. He was accused of raping the girlfriend 20 times but there was not enough evidence to prosecute him on the rape charges.

According to Mr. Clay, the man said he is not in jail but in a rehab centre where he is enjoying playing golf, swimming, playing football, going to the gym and grilling on Saturdays for 3 hours. When Mr. Clay asked him about the meals; “It’s wonderful and better than home, I get an ice-cream after every meal and I am happy because I will be free soon”, said the man.

While he is enjoying himself in a Swedish Prison/rehab, a reflection to our Kenyan prisons rings in someone’s mind. Assuming that he was in a Kenyan prison, he would not have had a chance to talk to anybody. Telephone is out of bound for a Kenyan prisoner. The prisons are in a bad shape and the best you can get out of Kenyan prisons is sleeping in turns since they are too congested and if you are lucky you can get some Ugali with coloured green water and salt.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many innocent Kenyans going through this kind of hell. There is no petty crime and a serious crime; you all end up in these filthy prisons.

By: Clay Onyango.


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