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A Woman President To Replace Mr. Kibaki In 2007!

Fraudulent political parties and poor nominations processes should not deter women political aspirants to participate in the 2007 General Elections. Women must fight for their rights in order to realize equal representation with men in all spheres of decision making. This move will put to past cases of gender imbalance, discrimination, exclusion and poverty. The Kenyan government under Kibaki´s leadership has been negating on its promise to implement the Affirmative Action Bill.

The government of Kenya committed itself to uphold gender equality and women empowerment by ratifying the Convention on Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women and therefore should take all measures available to reduce gender imbalance and inequality. About 22 years ago, the world convened in Nairobi to mark The Nairobi Women’s’ Conference and formulated the Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies. These strategies were to among other things; put an end to gender inequality.

The government of Mr. Kibaki was to increase women’s representation in all government institutions.  Kibaki has failed to empower women and his promises are almost melting. Women have got big power when it comes to voting but this time Kibaki has failed them. If Kibaki is a leader enough, let him support a woman president because since 1963, he has been supported by women and it is his turn to give his support. Even though the president made a directive that 30% of civil service positions be reserved for women, this directive cannot hold if it is not enacted in the Kenyan law.

African women, despite their poverty-riddled lifestyles have managed to lift themselves up from doldrums to fight for their rightful position in the society. Kenyan women must not allow poverty and exclusion to take away their determination to succeed in 2007 elections. Kenyan women face numerous hurdles every time they enter into politics, these includes cultural beliefs that women should not head political offices.

Kenyan women are often rigged out during political parties’ nominations or sometimes their male counterparts will start up a commotion to cause political violence at any slightest opportunity. Women must support each other by voting for one of their own. Women are the majority of the Kenyan population and should therefore take advantage of their large number. Affirmative Action rule in Kenya is long overdue and women need to push hard for its enactment.

In Kenya, there are 3 women presidential aspirant; Hon. Charity Ngilu, Dr. Julia Ojiambo and Nazlin Umar. If all Kenyan women can stand behind them then the women will become another threat in Kenyan politics. The above women are strong and we need to give them support to sent Mr. Kibaki to Othaya where he belongs. Kenya is unable to progress because of bad leaders. Kibaki has done his best and let us respect him by not giving him another chance. The media has been biased when covering women aspirants. The media should be at forefront to support women if the war on gender equality is to be won. Women will not win this war without the support of the media.

By: Munala wa Munala.


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