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It seems that Kenyans in Sweden have given up on waiting business of Kenya Social Forum in Sweden. The big question surrounding many Kenyans in Sweden is whether KESOFO is still relevant as a social Forum. The interim committee helped the Forum to achieve a lot in a very short period of time. Sources close to Jamii divulged that, since the new committee took over, nothing has happened. The forum has no strategy to recruit new members and the only chance they had was this summer but it seems summer is melting down slowly without Kesofo doing something to bring Wakenya together.

Putting political demography into account, the Forum’s power-brokers knows quite well the urgent need of recruiting new members is at stake. The Forum needs members who can drive it into a new face of challenges apart from the committee members of whom most of them are active in different political parties in Sweden and in Kenya.

KESOFO new committee came at a crucial time when Kenya is heading for the general elections at the end of 2007. It is one of those times when democracy talks are instantly replaced by impunity and corruption in all its manifestations in Kenya. The Forum is now faced with hot issues to address like good governance, rule of law, human rights, human dignity, democracy and its institutions, people’s sovereignty and of great interest to Kenyans is how KESOFO will help them to connect human rights discourse, poverty and corruption. We are yet to see a Kenyan Forum that can connect human rights, poverty and access to information and the fight against corruption here in Sweden.

A leader should be able and willing to serve, including all days of the Meeting, and willing to commit themselves to service time during the year. Serving the Forum is an honor, but it also entails a lot of hard work and visionary leaders who will take KESOFO from where it is to another level.  Leadership comes with responsibilities. Kenyans in Sweden want to see a KESOFO of social transformation through peace building and reconciliation, demand for better government, building democracy from below, social responsibility, our children’s safety, youth rights, respect and a forum that is not driving personal interests or agendas.

Kenyans in Sweden are begging for new ideas on how to address issues of discrimination, job securities, racial brutalities in Sweden, human rights violations and how to face Swedish society in 2007. Kenyans are looking for leaders who can re-address inequality, gender, leadership, democracy and betting poverty to be the platform of KESOFO. When all is said and done, it is critical to recognize that Kenyans in Sweden are not waiting for leaders who will divide them.

A large number of Kenyans have now established permanent roots in Sweden. Relatively, they have jobs, intermarriages and other connections. Some have deepened their roots by taking up Swedish citizenship. Many still maintain their Kenyan citizenship even though they may be second generation émigrés. Many of them maintain identity by direct social, economical and even political associations but some see Kenya as a mere accident of history and they have nothing to do with it. Wakenya needs a Forum that can table the above issues and they are keenly looking to see how KESOFO leaders will drive the Forum. The big question is how the Forum will deal with the above.

Munala wa Munala.


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