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Maasai A changing People! Ole Ngais Tells GK Putunoi

Maasai! A changing people!- Transitional period.
The Maasai culture and social welfare is a complex, well-rounded culture that is now facing brutality and difficulties of change and stresses the intellectual certainties that can collapse a union upon itself. There aren’t good guys and bad guys. It’s simply two halves of the same society fighting assuredly for what they each believe to be the greater good.

This kind of moral struggle deflates the often pompous, obnoxious tendency of system change to become bloated glory pieces. This is an unpadded reaction that will capture the nuances of human struggle amidst a society that backdrop at a very difficult time in history.The weight of it all is that Kenyans shall now get a perfect example of how to eradicate nepotism by using the example of this case study generating a solution to it’s own problem.

Ladies and gettlemen, brothers and sisters, my fellow born again christians, muslims and all other religions, sit back and watch! A culture breaking down itself and developing a brand new culture and system. The new Maasai is right at the corner.

It all started in the 19th s
It all begun in the 19th s where maa community rose against each other , and disease hunger and drought did not spare them either. Foreign political system that both begins and ends in ugly scenario brought and left misery amidst our society.The hope seems to be that watching people shatter the lives of their friends and colleagues will bruise the deeply held conviction in its audience that they’re opinions are always the right ones. It’s when communication and negotiation stop that brothers are literally forced to face one another at opposite ends of a firing squad.

As darkly poetic as the downfall of of Maasai Kingdom in the hands of Maasai themselves might seem, it’s also rendered in strikingly uncompromisable detail. This is not a sugarcoated tale of lovely war, but rather a harshly crafted depiction of how good men fall and how even those with the best of intentions can get trapped in their own ideologies. Ole Kaparo for sure was and most likely very kind, and loving deep inside but many are still waiting to see his kindness.

Capitalist individualistic system
The capitalist individualistic system that cares for individual is far more damaging to our old traditional socialistic society where all took care of land even land was owned communally till now.

Dear uncle, or If am not mistaken ! Dear Godfrey( My fellow-brother- Kenyan). Before I answerer your defensive letter against my personal accusations to Hon. Ole Kaparo, I would like to settle family matter with you and others among our families. We will be saved from living with the illusions that we have blood connections when we probably don’t. Or when blood kinship doesn’t matter anymore….

According to your mail dated june 19th 2007, in which you elaborated my relationship to Ole Kaparo, you stated that my mother is not a close relative to Kaparo. My question to you is; Are you a close relative to Ole Kaparo? What about Kadongoi George Putunoi? or Samuel Putunoi? What about the house of Nanya Irkiku? Are they close relatives to the Hon. Ole Kaparo? I must know this from you so i can understand where i fall in the line of kinship! It will be the first step to freedom from social cultural censorship. Our family kinship by blood and marriage according to Ole Ngais

To explain, Kaparo’s family is cousin to Putunoi’s family. You are Putunoi and my mum is a daughter of Putunoi. I am utterly dismayed how you could identify mum as not closely related to Ole Kaparo but I guess it’s because she is a woman and thus not entitled to her maidens kinship or else you tell me otherwise. My mother’s maiden names are Sokoyian Putunoi.. Does that say anything to you?. My intention is to develop. dare face change side effects and and dare face them. What about you? are you going to be a conservative? or are you defending Ole Kaparo because he made you? Many of the prominent young men from our marginalized Maasai’s of Mukogodo couild have made excellent if only they were given equal opportunities as all other Kenyans in the neighborhood..

Incident at Kaparo’s
There was an incident, where, while I was attending my medical training certificate course with Ole Kaparo’s brother Taparia, my family couldn’t afford fees so my mother informed me that she was going to seek help from him. The first time my father and mother were ever exposed and couldn’t help but to go begging at Kaparo’ home while he was on his weekend in Do dol.

My mother spend a whole day sitting outside waiting to meet her”brother” but in vain. She went back in the evening tired, thirsty disappointed and confused. She never lost her dignity. Kaparo told her to come again the coming week. One week passed and my mum visited Kaparo again. This time, I sent her to ask for bursary and not his own money. I remainded mum that she had gone to Kaparo in the previous years while I was in secondary school but for the same purpose but went back empty handed. All this time, I have known that there was presidential bursary that could be given to poor children who did well in school and I was one of them. I wondered why Kaparo refused to help mum!

One evening, Taparia and I visited Ole Kaparo at his former Likii’s residence in Nanyuki.. By then, as an angry frustrated young man with severe need to develop, I decided to conftront Mweshimiwa infront many family “Bulls” namely, George Putunoi, Mohammed Kaparo, koinare, John Keshine and Taparia Kaparo. As many young men at my age I was trying alcohol while in College. I was curious and furious and my group mates too. Before the visit, we took lots of Guinees beer in a local bar in Nanyuki while I was preparing for total war with Mweshimiwa ob his own grounds. About 1930 hours, we walked home to him. I remembr My real mothers brother’s son George Putunoi was very helpful and protective. My alcohol forced out my frustrations and I went straight to Hon. kaparo; ( By the way, I no longer use alcohol since years now.), ”

Who are you! I don’t know you!.. I have never seen you! I mattered and gestured with my hands…. I assure you I meant my words… I hated him for what he did to my mother!! I have seen tears in my mother’s eyes every time she tried to seek help from “her brother speaker”. She was broken down worrying that she would not support me through my education. She promised, together with my father to sell all what they had to support me. We were all intoxicated.

Kaparo shouts to me… “who is this young man? Isn’t he the son of my sister?” He called me by my mothers name and I reacted sharply. “I am sorry for you.!” I said.. What? He said! Do you mean you are sorry for me?… There was chaos while George and Mohamed Kaparo found themselves on the defensive side. The defended me… and APUS!! Kudos man I love you guys… I have never forgotten that… The speaker is my mothers cousin- She is a putunoi’s daughter, a second class cousin to Kaparo.. How about that? But! in the new social- cultural and economical system, there is no demand that Kaparo’s, or whoever is wealthy must support the others. The system is demanded to do that.

Anyway.. Kaparo flashed away the whole thing with . “give this boy some milk he is drunk and frustrated. he is a an 8-4-4 system’s product! They speak very poor English..” Let him sleep at Ben’s/Kaparo’s son) bed. Kaparos wife(My koko)- (she is supposed to be my “grand mother…” according to Maasai) took care of me together with Taparia. The following morning. Taparia and I were invited to the parliament where Hon. Ole Kaparo gave us each 10.000 shillings for that term. We went back to Nakuru happy for the shot momment. If Ole Kaps got money from his pocket, I regret but all what I wanted was some bursary.

You will for sure explain this to my mother and her cousins,namely Hon. Kaparo, Chief Sikantoi Putunoi and and the two Simon’s from the family of Nanya Irkiku.
Uncle, you must promise me that you do a thorough research on this matter and let me know through the same communication system. I promise you, that change process is already in place and before you realize, you are a new Kenyan!

We were not given hardship allowances
How would you expect a kid studying in a manyatta like school to compete with a Starehe Boys kid? Were were not given any allowances like teaching staffs or other civil servants who worked in the area. We sat for the same exams like all scholars in Kenya. And for your correction i scored a C(PLAIN) and not as you said far more low.. . If you want me to scan my document and send it to you, I will do it and the audience will know who is misleading who.You actually scored a C (MINUS) but that did not stop you from advancing in your studies. We are victims of poor governance.

Ole Kaparo made a few gents though
Ole Kaparo actually helped you to get an employment at the central bank of Kenya. In the beginning, you had been recruited for Kenya police since they required D+ and above, but you had good grades of C- (MINUS) being almost the first kids from Mukogodo to attain better grades since the time of Kaparo. I remember, while I was in primary school, you late dad,(my beloved kakuyia-grand mother), together with the then Il polei sub location arranged a fund raising Harambee so you can pay your secondary fees. We were so happy for you that you will make it. we still hope you will be more involved with the Mukogodo society. My mother and father contributed a he goat and some 200. shillings. I was one boys helping to organize the fund raising because I am your family.

We are talking about family matters on the blog.
I am certain aware of it but charity begins at home. Lets take care of this blood thing now so we learn to work together as Kenyans and not as families with only one goal, to build Kenya, for us and for the generation to come. To stop nepotism and any kind of discrimination in the future. Somebody must take the heat and some people have to suffer for the sake of development.

My mother failed to acquire help from her so called “brother” I According to the clear kinship lines, and this, Kaparo can justify , Ole Kaparo’s family cannot marry from Ole Putunoi’s because they come from the same father. The story told along kinship network states that( Kaparo), was one of the strongest daughters in the family who probably wanted to be independent. She went on separating from the rest making her own home.

Capitalism and individualism as tool of change in Maasai society
History is against you gentle selfish men because you did not write it down! This is the same reason why it was so easy for the British colonialist to take our forefathers land. Kaparo and Putunoi are cousins and they have always been before the introduction of individualism and capitalism into our society.

I understood that when a person gets wealthy, they wish that they never had such a big extended family that almost ruins their possibilities of getting even more wealthier. You, Godfry Ole Putunoi is cousin to Ole kaparo and you have benefited from it thanks to the fact that we are related. Or rather ,you are related.

Ole Ngais is semejis to kaparos. My family( Ole Ngais) married from Kaparo’s/Putunoi’s thus making us your brothers in law- Have you forgotten that as well? or are we so down the line of kinship that we have no right to ask our democratically elected leader to help us with presidential bursary?
Kampan, where do I have you? To me, you are supposed to be my mother’s cousins son! thus my , according to Maasai people, Apu.. meaning uncle. How do you define your kinship according to the new way of living, the new lifestyle? Moreover, my dad is an adaptive son to your mother’s family- more clearly, my father is a step brother to your loving Mum(God protect her)
Kenya needs a functional social welfare system

Change is indeed innevitable!
Maasai people must change and develop like all other Kenyans. The idea of big families, extended families is right now under terrible shake-up and when we come out of this, I sure you, Ole Kaparo my mother, the greatest women in the whole world and actually your own mother, my father’s sister,-and our loving readers that we will be more Kenyans than ever. We will prove to the world that our old social and economic welfare system is out of function and we must abolish it with immediate effect.

The world, through you and I, shall realize that Maasai and with the rest of Kenyans requires a functional social welfare system in order to provide equally to all citizens of Kenya.

A sovereign state shall be able to provide equal opportunities for its citizens to take control over their lives. You and I agrees that under all circumstances, we, the people of a great country, the warriors of the mighty open Savannah, shall at the end march home with victory with nothing less that well functioning social democratic state that share resources in equal ratios. We must eradicate dependency syndrome. It makes the royal people of Kenya beggars when it’s not necessary.

Follow up of this correspondent shall come soon. May God our almighty bless you all.

By: Maasaiwarrior.

Posted by Jamii crew.


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