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Prove Me Wrong Jeff!

Education: A lawyer by profession: Hon. Kaparo is a self made man. He was born in Tiamammut near Lentile and went to school in Doldol. A son of pastoral parents, Kaparo went through thick and thin to make it in life. He developed a lot of interest in education. He did extremely well for primary, Secondary, High school, University and post graduate studies amid a developed manifold.

His role in Development: Jeff is a product of Doldol secondary school, the only secondary school in the area apart from St. Francis Girls. I attended  the same school, a school

Kaparo built from scratch. All the schools in the area have a direct/indirect help from Him. I think the problem is not Kaparo but ourselves.

The young generation from the area seldom desire to take an active role in social responsibility. Remember that we can make an impact by helping our people in our own small ways. Currently, I am a member of an NGO that facilitates university education for bright needy girls from Kenya. We have already paid fees for 30 girls nationally; 4 are from the area. The benefits will eventually be accrued in the long run. Lets try to put a smile on the face of these poor people.

Land Issue: I would not wish to comment on the issue of white settlers because you may be right in the way it was handled, but let me dwell on the
the benefit we have obtained since Kaparo came to politics in 1988. We used to be confined to Mukogodo game reserve with migratory corridors only.

Ilpolei was principally set up to confine us to oblivion since we were known cattle rustlers. Kaparo gave us the scope of expansion; we moved and acquired

Lots and lots of land and now we have bought land even in Nanyuki town. I am in Nkare Ngiro, 15kms from Nanyuki town.

Dependency Ratios

we need to examine this issue more closely. Your mum is not a close relative of Kaparo. She may have been returned empty handed (although I highly doubt since Kaparo is extremely generous) but just imagine the number of dependence politicians have. He may be concentrating on his close relatives and your mum is far down the Kinship line.

Your education and medical school: Uncle, you took a certificate course in public health in Nakuru together with Mr. Taparia, Kaparo’s step brother. I remember very well that my wife was on her internship in Nakuru after finishing a diploma in clinical medicine & surgery in Nairobi. With all respect, uncle, you had not qualified for a diploma course in the area you desired. The minimum was a grade C (plain) overall with good passes in the sciences. Your grade was too far below. But hope is not lost after all. I personally, started at diploma level, to a Degree in Economics and I am now pursuing a Masters degree in economics at Kenya’s best university. 

Why elect him again? You want him to go back and seek a parliamentary seat? But according to you he has deserted the area and corrupt!

You have a good day.

Godfrey Kampan ole Putunoi

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