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Mr. Jeff Ole Ngais’s Letter To Hon. Ole Kaparo.

Ole Kaparo is well know in Kenya to be a very well-spoken, articulated and advance speaker, but he has presented himself to be the most dormant person among the Maasai people. Unfortunately, Ole Kaparo has let his own selfish motives go before the society’s need to democracy.

I am intentionally writing this letter to address the Speaker.

Hon. Ole Kaparo lacks motivation and has completely failed in exercising his democratic rights to help safe the marginalized indigenous Maasai people. While his fellow workmates laugh at him for lacking interest on matters so important for our survival. In our community (Maasai people), we never “attack” our family members unless it is unavoidable, and when we do so, we keep it within the family. All what happens within a family must stay within a family.
There is nothing more important than the family but apparently, X. Ole Kaparo has long forgotten this though demanding that we, the forgotten people shall, and must keep this rule and respect it till death do us part.  In the Maasai social order, all people, adult and children, have the right to resources, access and utilization of the resources is therefore a normal thing that not a single person lacks access to.  The Maasai people are therefore genuinely wondering why in the whole world would Ole Kaparo thing that he has the right to own all our resources for himself and get away with it without raising eye brows?

People are dying in your village while you shout to the top of your voice to keep order in a house far away from your own. “A dog cannot bark in two different homes at the same time” This is a Maasai expression which tells people that, if you want to keep security at your house, stay at home. Ole Kaparo has chosen to stay away from home and keeps on barking at others homes while his home is being raped by others, like women who were raped by the British soldiers and Ole Kaparo said nothing. Ole Kaparo’s house that he has deserted is used as a military training zone by who ever who has a military might, leading his people to be intimidated, his village children scared to death, many having been blown to death or maimed by  explosives left behind by soldiers, his village animals also been killed both by the bombs left by the British soldiers and Ole Kaparo never ever mentioned anything like compensation even when my colleagues and I at the former OSILIGI-( Organization for the survival of Il Laikipia Maasai Group Initiative), the now deregistered  human rights organization came up with advocacy and settled a case outside court with UK MOD- ministry of defense where United Kingdom decided to pay Mukogodo Maasai who were injured an compensation amount 7 million pounds.

Martyn Day won a £7m settlement last July for 228 Kenyans who were injured by unexploded bombs left on practice ranges by the army. Later, 3,500 more have come forward with similar accusations. While Ole Kaparo, my mother’s cousin, enjoys the access to our natural resources given to him by his democratic rights, the rest of his own community including my mother, Sokoyian Memusi Ngais, many of his family members and relatives, his Maasai community at large and his fellow brothers and sisters in Laikipia district, who are supposed to have the right to access resource and utilize them for their needs. are dying off due to hunger and long spell of droughts. 

In our society, our Maasai governing rules would never allow that Ole Kaparo dominates the whole society, with his un declared wealth. What is wrong with Ole Kaparo? Are just very selfish or you are entirely blind? A Maasai warrior is entitled to take care of his society. Before the white man came to Maasailand, we had the same system that we have now. It was a working social welfare system that provided for all. Like social democrats, the system gave opportunities for all members of the society to develop themselves within the framework of the guidelines provided by our democratic system. 
When Kausai Ole Kaparo was young, his father, a colonial chief, refused to sent him to school because school was understood by the Maasai people to be for the less favored un gifted children or You could be sent to school to please the colonial masters in that time if you happen to be from a broken family, single mother or if you are from the un favored wife in the polygamous family like in the case of Kausai Ole Kaparo. As you remember well, you went through hell. Your father refused to pay for your school fees claiming that his wealth could be spent better. Your colonial teachers must have reported the matter to the then chief who the alerted the masters.

The master came home and sold your fathers cows to pay for your school fees. Have you forgotten all this, the poor background that should make you remember the poor? My dear uncle! What has happened to you? What have they given you? Have you let the them corrupt you? Have they given you wealth so you keep your mouth shut? Why are you not advocating for your people?  You are with the president of the republic of Kenya everyday and you sit with decision makers controlling them that they behave but you are completely indiscipline yourself? Why are you so passive? Is it because of the passive chair they have given to you? The non partisan speaker’s chair? Your people are demanding you that you give the chair back and go back to active politics as soon as possible.

Laikipia East would elect you if you go back and work at home. You would then do wonders for Laikipia. You would be given a constituency of your own. The indigenous ignorant people need special care. The government should follow the conventional laws governing indigenous peoples’ right in order for them to be able to influence decision makers, in participating in decision making  processes on issues of social concern. The Maasai must be active in influencing Kenya and participating in building a democratic Kenya . Remember, Kenya is a democratic country and we underline the following fundamental constitutional demands which must be met otherwise we are not talking about democracy;

1. Freedom of opinion  including religion
2. Freedom of expression and freedom of press
3. The right to join political union and trade union organizations
4. The right to build parties and to take part in election.

The dilemma is therefore who are we going to elect if no one represents our needs? We elect people but as soon as they leave the village, they never ever turn back. “Tassai orgisoi le Nchachur!!” Check the metal gadget at the end of your sword!!

Even if on migration, making “bullshit huts”, you know the cow dung mini buses-like-huts along the way from region to region The Maasai knows where their home is.  They will always find home. Why Has Ole Kaparo lost his way? Are we too cheap for you? is it the poverty in our midst that is keeping you away? or is it the bad housing? or lack of water?

Could it be the begging mothers who stream at your home when they hear that you have come home but still return empty handed? Do you remember how many times my mother came to you begging for my college fees but returned empty handed? That she could not even be give the presidential bursary available? Why are you so selfish brother?

We chose Mwangi Kiunjuri! A “dynamic” teacher from another society. We thought he was going to do something for us.. Nothing!! Soon, we are going to vote for another looser just to go get fat and sleep in the parliament and forget us dying of hunger!!!!! Wake Maasai Leaders and you should be ashamed of yourselves due to your selfishness.

I still remember my tutor at Nakuru medical training college where I attended Environmental health course when he asked me, “Why did you not get an admission to a clinical officer course when you had good grades required?” I didn’t know what to answer. Then he went on commenting; “But aren’t you related to Ole Kaparo? Why doesn’t he help you? Then I said to him.. “Because he is very selfish!” I was so sad that I said that against my mother’s cousin but I need to face the reality to clear my consciousness. My mother’s cousin and many more Maasai leaders are very selfish. Like Lenana of the 1901, they are all rich while the rest of the Maasai people a below poverty line in fact, many of them are being threatened by extinction.

Remember, you will be answerable if Yiaku of Mukogodo forest disappears while you grow richer and lazier. Prove me wrong.

By A very angry MaasaiWarriorJune.

Bagarmossen Sweden .

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