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Government Retreat On Traditional Brews Laudable.

Barely two weeks after the Government lifted a ban on the brewing and consumption of traditional brews, Finance minister Amos Kimunya made a hasty retreat early this week and declared that the ban was still in force. Kimunya, it seems, had not done his homework and his sole intention was to rake in revenue from the brewers in order to sustain the economy which, in actual fact, was a very noble idea.

But whoever had initially advised the Government to lift the ban on the brewing and consumption of traditional brews must have been its number one enemy besides having no value for human life and general development. When the former Government under the stewardship of retired President Daniel arap Moi slapped a ban on the traditional brews, it had done a lot of research and found out that the brews were dangerous to human life and enemies of development.

The grapevine has it that Mzee Moi imposed the ban owing to the fact that his kinsmen had been enslaved by the daily consumption of the traditional liquor and consequently the entire Rift Valley had its general development stalling resulting in untold poverty and hopelessness.

It is in the same vein that he was infuriated by the lifting of the ban by the Mwai Kibaki administration recently, warning that Kenyans might indulge in the consumption of the brews at the expense of development. Moi said traditional brews consumption and development run on two parallel lines since no viable development can be achieved if citizens indulge in the vice, adding that it was unfortunate and ill-advised that the Government lifted the ban.

Warning the consumers of the traditional brews to take the same at their own peril, a concerned Moi said by lifting the ban, the Government had actually compromised a lot of things among them development, good health and happy marriages. His worries are factual owing to the fact that consumers of the brews are known to be lazy and individuals who harbor no ambition for a better tomorrow.

His sentiments were echoed by Keiyo South MP Nicholas Biwott who termed the move as myopic and outdated. Men are normally turned into zombies by the drinks whose brewers are sometimes known to lace them with methanol and other poisonous substances in order to make them more potent to attract more customers. It is imperative to note that many homes have broken because of uncontrolled consumption of traditional brews due the fact that men hardly fulfils their conjugal duties with wives complaining their spouses are only good at bed-wetting and night-long snoring.

Hundreds of Kenyans have over the years died after consuming the traditional brews and it is therefore very sad that the Government can legalize their brewing and consumption. The drinks not only impoverish its consumers but also reduce life expectancy and contribute to the rise in sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids owing to the fact that its consumers end up engaging in risky sexual relations.

Excessive consumption of alcohol also compromises the quality of education besides encouraging crime especially because some consumers end up becoming muggers in order to sustain their habit after whiling away their time in beer dens. As such, every Kenyan should support the Government’s move of reconsidering its plan to lift the ban and at the same time thank all those who expressed their displeasure over the legalization of the brews, among them the former President.

Clement Kamau.


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