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A Swedish Man Dies In Mombasa Leaving a Kenya Woman Stranded!

A Kenyan woman in Mombasa has lost her Swedish boyfriend and she is kindly asking Kenyans in Sweden to help in anyway possible for her to travel to Sweden to attend the burial ceremony of her late boyfriend. According to the source, the Swedish man was traveling to Kenya to marry the Kenyan woman but unfortunately ,he collapsed at the airport and passed away. The body of the man is still in Mombasa for postmortem which will be followed by cremation before the body can be transported to Sweden for burial.

The postmortem will be contacted today afternoon followed by cremation and later the ashes will be send back to Sweden thereafter to a funeral company. The Kenyan woman needs urgent help to travel to Sweden for burial since the Swedish Embassy in Kenya has declined to give her the visa to travel for burial claiming that she needed an invitation letter from Sweden. The immediate family of the Swedish man has ignored her and she needs Wakenya in Sweden to help her to travel to Sweden as soon as possible.

“I need to come to Sweden to attend my lover’s funeral, time is running out and I need to get a visa before they take the ashes away”, said the woman. According to an e-mail that Jamii crew received, the Kenyan woman has been a frequent visitor to Sweden and the last time she was in Sweden was in March 2006. “I have pictures and all documents to prove my case but the embassy has refused to grant me a visa”, said the woman.

The Swedish man took a flight to Mombasa and on arrival at the Mombasa airport, he passed away while filling the visa card. It was the flight attendants who found him dead. The Kenya woman got the sad information through the Swedish man’s son who e-mailed her on the 17th may telling her that his dad was dead. “I was to meet him at the Hotel on the 16th but when I got there, the receptionist told me that he had not checked in. On the 17th I ranged him on his mobile and his home number but there was no answer”, said the Kenyan woman.

“Iam totally confused and to be honest, I don’t know what to do. Please help me in anyway you can and I will be grateful for your kindness”, she said. Plans are underway to see how the woman can be helped. Jamii will post more details on how you can help the woman.

Munala Wa Munala.


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