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New ODM-K Scandinavia Committee is still for cronies and family members.

Below is a lineup of the new ODM-K Scandinavia Committee. For an untrained eye, the elections report on KSB, (a private blog and not at its rightful place which is the ODM-KS website) looks perfect. However, for those who know the machinations behind ODM-K Scandinavia, this committee has been recycled from the newly disbanded one. Save for one or two new faces, it still remains a briefcase committee of cronies and spouses.

Some basic queries: was this the best they could come up with; another Luo-Kikuyu packed committee? Were there no members from other Kenyan tribes to approach in order to reflect a national outlook? One will argue that other tribes were not interested in joining, thus did not appear. No. It is the committees’ poor marketing of the Party. The truth is that ODM-K Scandinavia only recruits personal friends and family members, who will NOT pose a threat to the status quo. Any critical voice will be deemed rebellious and get muscled out using all means possible.

The Jamii blog recently quoted the ODM-KS Constitution which states that an interim committee stays in place for one year before an elected one is ushered in. If this is the case, then the outgone one also violated the Constitution, because they should have remained in office until their mandate ends in October 2007.

The following members were elected on May 19, 2007 to sit in the ODM-K Scandinavia Committee:
Mr. Martin Ngatia, 40 votes
Mrs Hellen Opwapo, 39 votes
Mr. Okoth Osewe, 39 votes
Mrs Grace Nyambura, 39 votes
Mr. Charles Otieno Owiyo, 36 votes
Ms Caroline Ayodo, 35 votes
Mr. Waweru Nderi, 35 votes
Mrs. Nancy Osumba 21 votes

By:  Muthoni Kabara.

Lifted from African Press International.


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