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The Political Apathy Of ODM-KS.

The anxiety in ODM-KS over the crisis has degenerated into name calling, insults and dodging the main issues affecting the young party. The crisis that started all the way from January has left many prominent committee members and ordinary members wondering what ODM-KS means. The dictatorial nature in the party has forced prominent committee members to leave the party in protest. Some of them gave good reasons why they left but up to now, the party has never considered means of solving the crisis because they don’t know how to deal with it. Some committee members who have tried to table the crisis have been “reshuffled” illegally and “AGM” has been called to dodge the crisis issue. “Election” issue has now been tabled and for sure, all eyes are on it as ODM-KS crisis is being buried alive. The agenda of AGM is clear and solving crisis is not part of it.

According to ODM-KS constitution, there is no any clause that allows the committee to be “reshuffled”. However, the “reshuffle” was done in secret and the way things stands now, their decision is null and void because the party members and the whole committee were not consulted. The faked list that has been in circulation must be ignored by progressive members of ODM-KS. We denounce the list and ask ODM-KS members to desist from engaging in illegalities and making bogus list of committee members.

Kenyans are smart and they cannot be tricked by leaders who diverges the main topics and start discussing other issues. A leader of honor is a leader in every sense and that means respecting your dignity and other people. The “AGM” that has been called by a section of ODM-KS leaders do not comply with ODM-KS constitution. The constitution provides that 9 committee members be elected the last Saturday of October every year. The constitution does not talk about “reshuffling” but since the constitution has been misinterpreted, it is very common to get explanation of everything through various media.

Just like in the animal farm, the laws of the farm were changed in the night and for the common animals, mornings meant new laws and keep silent. A committee that can manipulate the constitution to favour them cannot be trusted by anyone. In the constitution, the clause that says “sharing responsibilities among themselves” to them it means they can “reshuffle committee members”. The term of the interim committee was to end or expire in October 30th 2007 and the 1st elected committee to take over but since a section of committee members have their own agenda which is not in the interest of members they fixed a bogus “election” on 19th may to confuse people.

Seven months down the road, committee members are reluctant to facilitate the constitution and the 12 point programme that the party was supposed to use as a guide-line. Instead, parts of the committee members are flexing their political muscles, insincerity, selfishness, and lack of democracy that has dominated the party. Plans to sabotage other committee members have been revealed and words that can cause dementia have been used against critical committee members.

If you see them praising you, they have seen something special in you and once their agenda has been fulfilled, they turn against you. Many people join politics not because they want to lobby for change but because they want to use politics for their own political opportunistic agenda. Instead of ODM-KS leaders accepting the reality on the ground, they are facing the other side hoping that the storm will stop by itself. A mature politician will prove your policies wrong and not go for cheap politics of hatred.

Most Kenyans in Scandinavia are not new to politics, regardless of the deep political divide in ODM-KS; many ODM-KS leaders are unable to take criticism. They have brushed away the views of their members and instead they have recruited new people who can sing to their tune. As we wait and see how ODM-KS politics will go, majority of Kenyans in Sweden already know who the “new kitchen committee members” are. Why to go for election while you know the “kitchen committee” already? Given the fact that more than 7 committee members have left the committee within the last six months, electing a new one does not mean great changes.

Do ODM-KS leaders mean that all of the 7 committee members who left were wrong and they are right? The constitution has not been followed neither the 12-point programme. Committee members have a right to question, rights of expression and his/her opinion must be respected. It is a democratic requirement and I don’t see why the so called ODM-KS leaders are trying to evade it. We chose to be part of ODM-KS and no one is going to intimidate us. Every member is valuable and a move to isolate them is a sure formula for a falling party.

Since there is a lot of illusions in ODM-KS, we believe that a group that is still calling itself “ODM-K branch in Scandinavia” have a right to go for elections any time they want but for the ODM-KS independent party, the elections will take place in October 2007 and as far as we know, we still have a crisis that needs to be solved first before we go for elections. The crisis was caused by jealousness, misunderstanding and dislike of each other and it is still in ODM-KS and even the new committee cannot solve it but they can only inherit the crisis.

Meanwhile the Korogocho project that is managed by Sofia Njoroge has now moved to a new stage. Ms. Njoroge and other ODM-KS members who are working for social justice have sent money to a woman in Ukambani who was affected by tumour and through a good Samaritan, she was operated and now she is getting on well. She has one child and plans are underway to send someone to Ukambani to go and meet her and discuss ways in which she can be helped. She was shown on a Swedish TV channel 5 this week.

Munala Wa Munala.


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