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Like My Fingers, Am No Equal To The Next!

Find the words-you dare! Draw the thought, I challenge
Measure the blood flow if you please. Mine is, but not words
Neither thoughts, nor measurements
Forbid, not drawings, I am awake-not dreams

The tree can’t tell-even the flowers
Birds have failed, in their songs
Day has agonized in their nakedness, Nights resigns, save its secrets
Thunder has surrender, trembling in its anger

Mountains we have defied, High as they rise
Seas shy away in our presence, rivers pass by in a hurry
Ours is but love-love that diamonds can’t break
Nor the sun melt, winter can’t freeze

Penniless my pocket may scream
My slow tongue does me injustice; Heirdom my origin has denied me
Titles lack my humble blood
Like my fingers, am no equal to the next
Like the oak, I might lose my leaves in time

Rivers may wash my path, creed may impose punishment
Forest may block my road
Yet my star will always rise, ups and downs am free
Falling and getting up! Makes my circle complete.

By: William K.M.   Sweden.


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