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Mr. Clay, Njoro And Aroka Dan joins Stockholm bloggers.

Jamii wants to welcome the new blogs that have been launched by Wakenya in Stockholm. The new blogs are: butdoisay by Mr. Clay Onyango, njoros by Mr. Njoro and kenyampya by Dan Aroka. The era of e-mail is dying slowly as many people open blogs to express their views.

As blogs become more a part of daily life for Kenyans in Sweden, Jamii wants to encourage more Kenyans to open blogs because it is free to operate one. I’m pleased to announce that the launching of the above blogs is a good sign that Kenyans wants to use modern technology to the maximum.

We are using the same blogging infrastructure that houses It makes a good sense from an operational perspective for Kenyan bloggers, and it also provides better functionality for readers since they are used to wordpress.  On the other fronts, I think it’s fascinating to see these blogs coming up with different visions. All in all, welcome and I think it is going to be interesting blogging with you guys.



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