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The Green-Horns Are Coming! By: Njoro Njoroge.

Isn’t it funny that Kenyan’s old generation have so little respect for the youth while the 1st world or industrialized countries choose to invest more in the young generation? We are often referred to as “young man” or “Kijana” or “young woman” by the older generations. Whenever we try to make a point, the old generation always remind us our place as if they know better, more or broadly than we do. More than once I have been totally ignored while trying to say something as if whatever I wanted to say was certainly irrelevant. We are termed as politically “immature” or in a polite way like in my case, “innocent” or being in the “dark”.
Who said that maturity in politics is determined by age or how much time one has spent in the political arena? To me politics is like a talent, you are born with it. You either have it or you don’t. And just like any other activity, some are better than others but the beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. There is political climate change in our modern world, younger political leaders are taking over more easily than ever and revolutionary young leaders are on the rise in the world for betterment of our society.
In a recent war of words between too well known blogs in Sweden, I caught a term which was new to me, “Greenhorns”. In that statement or rather the article, it was supposed to mean “young” or “inexperienced”. At this time please note that this article is not about that war. This word though expressed in the contempt, is an exemption to other words used to put young people in place. It harbours clearness and prosperity in green and power and boldness in horns. That’s how I want to look at it.
While the immediate generations before us treat us with disregard, caution and disrespect, it is us who are updating the world and making wakeup calls all over the world. We are not going to stop at anything, forward as the Rasta man said; we will move and take charge one way or another.

It’s impressive to see that the incumbent president in Kenya has chosen to do more for the young. Free primary school to all and free secondary tuition fees soon to come, is a promise that more and more youth will in future serve a purpose. The immediate former president Moi wasted a whole of these “greenhorns” generation by his careless leadership. Those lost years saw the lose of many youthful lives in alcohol, HIV and crime e.t.c as hopelessness reigned through the Nyayo era. Many of the “greenhorns” were forced to migrate to other countries in such for better lives for themselves and their families as their futures grew darker in their own homeland. Kenya is now one of the worst hit countries in the world by brain drain as a result.
But the “greenhorns” are not out there suffering anymore. We continue to struggle not only to make ends meet but also to prosper and take charge and control. Nobody can stop this and nobody should try. And we will reshape the world we are living in with or without the dictators’ permission and support from those who try to put us down. The best alternative is to be on the side of the youth, listen to us and give us support unconditionally when we need it. Otherwise you will be overtaken by events that re-shape the world that you leave in, in a way that you will not have perceived. To all the so called “greenhorns” out there, rumble young men! Young women rumble! The day and not just the future is ours. Don’t let any obstacles hinder your way. Take charge!
By: Njoro.        


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