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Hypocrisy In ODM-KS Leaders.

Last year in October, we released a document to Kenyans in Sweden and all over the world as part of a strategy to convince Kenyans and to recruit ODM-KS supporters. Wakenya came and they were impressed with our demands to ODM-K because they believed that we would follow and lobby for those demands until ODM-K would accept the 12-point programme. In a chorus we were singing the following song, “Our support for ODM-Kenya is based on a 12-Point Programme that we would like ODM-Kenya to address once it seizes power. The basic principle that has united and propelled us into setting up ODM-KScandinavia is based on the agreement that once in power, ODM-K will”:

1.Deliver a new Constitution to the Kenyan people based on the Bomas draft within a Reasonable period of time, possibly during the first year in office. Clauses in the constitution should unambiguously include dual citizenship and mechanisms for voting by Kenyans abroad. 2. End rampant tribalism and nepotism especially in the appointment of public servants and other government officials.

3.End corruption in all its forms and looting of the Kenyan economy and legislate effective laws that will punish those found to have stolen public funds. 4. Bring to justice thieves in the Narc government and confiscate wealth and property found to have been acquired through corrupt means. 5. Put an end to land grabbing in our country, confiscate all land found to have been grabbed during past regimes and resettle the landless.

6.Guarantee registration of alternative political parties, register parties that have been denied registration under Narc government and protect the multi-party political system that has been under constant threat from both the Moi and Kibaki dictatorships. 7. Stop the retrenchment of workers in Kenya and address the problem of unemployment. 8. Restore the collapsed health care and education system by pooling resources currently being wasted on bogus projects and other wasteful government expenditures.

9.Guarantee freedom of Press and bring to permanent end State organized attacks on Media houses and constant harassment of journalists. 10. Formulate a proper Foreign policy for Kenya. 11. Change the colonial nature of the Judiciary to reflect current political realities in our Country. 12. End the rule by the Mafia in our country.

The opposite of faith is doubt, the opposite of faith is not certainty. As faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. A more contemporary translation says, to have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for. ODM-KS hoped that ODM-K will get in love with their 12-point programme and later get married but to our surprise, we were told to pay 250,000 ksh in dowry.

In politics, faith is based on strategy and the vision of a party. Raila gave his vision the other day and it contradicts with ODM-KS vision and demands. To many people’s surprise, a statement was written by “ODM-KS leadership” to say “YES SIR YOU ARE RIGHT”. A closer look at our 12-point program will definitely tell you that ODM-KS is not genuine with its programmee and they can fall for anything that Raila says.

Raila is laying complex strategies to seek forgiveness from former President Moi and assure him that all his interests will be taken care of over the next five to 10 years. Even deep inside the Raila campaign machine, Moi cannot be written off. Raila and Company are convinced that at some point, Moi and President Kibaki will have a major falling out based on differences in agenda and tactics. In our 12-point programmee, we want people who have been implicated in any criminal activities to be arrested by ODM-K leaders once in power.

Raila’s team is currently assembling strong anti-Mt. Kenya propaganda material. But even as he rides on anti-Kikuyu sentiment, he will open up talks with sections of the Kikuyu elite, having come to terms with the fact that he cannot succeed at State House without their economic assistance/cooperation. Raila’s negotiations with compliant sections of the Kikuyu elite will be conducted in such a manner as to leave the door open to a deal between him and top advisers of the Kibaki team. Looking at our programme, we are against tribalism and nepotism in any form.

As we continue supporting individuals in ODM-K, the question that many Kenyans in Sweden are asking is “can we get a true politician/leader that stands for ideology and not the best alternative?” Our support to ODM-K is based on the fact that ODM-K is going to bring the changes we hope for. Our faith is not based on the best alternative rather than a true leader that can deliver the poor from the chains of poverty. What Kenyans need is food, medicine, education, water and security. The power to change Kenya is within leaders who stand for a clear political ideology and not the best alternative leaders. Let us support leaders who stand for policies and principals.

Munala Wa Munala.


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