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“You Cannot Measure Success By How Many Times You Fail”, Says Beryl.

This goes to all Kenyans that are working hard to make it in life and they are almost loosing hope. Life has a lot of obstacles but we should always have the courage to overcome them. Don’t give up!

What I don’t sincerely understand with all due respect is why one person’s attempts to make better his life will suddenly become a Source of ridicule. From my short life I have learnt that success is not measured by the amount of money one has immersed, size of business Empires one has built, dreams one hopes to achieve BUT RATHER THE BEST INDICATOR OF SUCCESS IS HOW WELL ONE RISES AFTER A FALL. A LOOSER IS NOT SOMEONE WHO FAILS BUT RATHER ONE WHO DOESNT TRY AT ALL.

If Clay Onyango deserves anything for his attempts he has made; failed or not, IT IS KUDOS. Not so many people I know have the nerves, the patience and the energy to rise up and do it again and again and again. . Hats off Clay, you have taken success to another level….butdoisay.

By: Beryl.


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