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Butdoisay “Republic” Is a small “U.N” agency In Stockholm.

As we celebrate the withdrawal of the troops from the “Republics” of KSB and JAMII borders, the Kenyan population in Sweden would like to thank both Osewe and Munala for the understanding and quick withdrawal of their troops from our neighbors “Republic” of Stockholm blogs. We do hope with all due respect that the two, as requested by the Stockholm wananchi will not invest in these kinds of artilleries in the near future. They displayed one of the ruthless and brutal internet war kinds that were not expected at this particular time.

All the damages caused and all inhuman atrocities committed by the two will be catered for by “BUTDOISAY” agency. Wananchi can move back to their homes and enjoy their daily lives. We would also like to assure them that our eyes are blinking on their blogs all the time. They both suffered severe injuries but not life threatening. As sign of remorse and Reconciliation, we would like to request them to apologize to all those Innocent victims that suffered during this war that lasted ONLY two days. This would be highly appreciated…..but do I say

By: Clay Onyango.

Note: As I have been watching the “Republic” of “Butdoisay” very closely, I have discovered that the “Chief Commander” Mr. Clay Onyango has got some opportunistic agendas in his call for ceasefire between KSB and JAMII. To my understanding, Butdoisay is launching its propaganda pitch trying to overshadow Jamii and KSB. Mr. Clay though very diplomatic in his approach, I can sense double-tongue which is dangerous. One voice is of the truth, persuasion and pragmatism and the other one for a cocktail truth and slander. Mr. Clay wants to use this platform to attack the “Republic” of the “short” people. His intention is to shame their efforts politically and diplomatically in their struggle to bring change in our society. We are watching your moves very closely and soon a “short, tall, fat, thin” and all your clarification of human race will be answered.

Munala Wa Munala.


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