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We Have Common Problems as Kenyans In Sweden.

In our modern society, technology has made it possible to communicate to the entire world within seconds. We have a great Forum to discuss our views be it negative or positive.  I only hope Kenyans in Sweden will continue engaging themselves in positive activities that will make our country to develop rather than divide Kenyans into small groups. In my brief and limited exposure to Kenyans in Sweden for the past 29 years, I would agree that life is moving too fast. When I came here in 1978, most of these young people were not born but now they are grown-ups and even ready to fight “Wazee” physically. The sad side is that they are encouraged by grown-ups to use abusive languages and to do wrong things.

As is true with most Kenyans in this region, the barrier to unite Wakenya in Sweden is based on our past experience with Kenyan organizations. People are unaware of the truth and they are suspicious of joining any organization because they see the same leaders all the time. I hope the new generation will come up and take leadership so that we can see if some changes will take place. I hope to see Kenyans in Sweden continue to push for the empowerment of our Kenyan community in Sweden rather than engaging in petty politics that will take us no where. Let us put our efforts together and prove that we are a people who must be respected by other communities which are doing well in this society.

What are the Kenyans organizations in Sweden doing to ensure that Kenyans in Sweden can return back to Kenya and develop their motherland, and return their monies and properties acquired abroad to Kenya? We have many Kenyan political parties in Sweden, they will be here for some time and they will sink just like many other Kenyan organizations have done in the past. To my experience, I won’t let anyone divide me from my brothers and sisters in Sweden. Why do we only unite when someone has a problem but after that problem has been settled, you won’t see us together again? The problems that affect us Kenyans who resides abroad are the same and I don’t understand why men and women have decided to gather personal information of other Kenyans past lives while we have many crucial issues that affect us on daily basis.

Who cares if I eat “sukuma wiki”everyday? That’s my personal problem and it has nothing to do with the current political problems we have today. According to the current laws passed in our motherland, Kenyans who have been out of their country for more than six years (maybe less) cannot participate in Kenyan parliamentary election as voters. The government can pass a resolution exempting Kenyans working abroad from this requirement. All mature politicians will unite on the above issue and see how they can solve the problem. What I have seen in Sweden is just groupings of friends coming together to form organizations in the name of Kenyans.

According to the current legislation in our motherland, Kenyans who are overseas and who have purchased vehicles of left hand drive, cannot take back home their cars. What about tax exemption from other properties acquired while working abroad? The government can pass a resolution and have it gazetted widely, exempting Kenyans working abroad from these requirements. According to our current legislation we have no provision for dual citizenship. This means that our children who are studying outside our country, if they marry (even if they marry fellow Kenyans) and get children who will automatically get foreign citizenships of the countries where they are born cannot be Kenyans and participate in building our nation. This discourages us from thinking of investing in Kenya where our children’s children have no future. The above are some of the issues that are supposed to unite us and lobby for changes in our country’s legislations.

People are afraid to do substantial progress out of fear that so and so will talk negative about it. Our relationship with Kenyan embassy has gone down because the embassy has been warned in different Medias that they are under watch and to be ready for confrontational discussions. People are afraid to death to do things because they will appear on the blogs. The late George Mwangi united Wakenya and I haven’t seen any other leader here in Sweden who can do as he did. If you feel that you are not in good terms with someone, why can’t you talk to him/her or sent an e-mail? I will always read the blogs and I hope the blog owners will be more professional and give us information that can help us and not gossips.

Mzee Gerry Midenyo.


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