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When All Is Said and Done, What Matters Is What You Have Done For Your People.

The on going fracas between ODM-KS leaders in Stockholm has shocked the whole world. As KUWA leaders bawl and shout with hot air, the KUWA spokesman Mr. Okoth Osewe has been writing a lot of provocative words to avoid the real issues. When someone uses this kind of language, it is not only on the person concerned but also for the readers and the Kenyan community in Sweden. The leaders of KUWA are now bickering endlessly over different issues to diverge the attention of Kenyans. Collaborating sources indicate that after Nyama choma festivals, committee members used to share profits, and KUWA properties are no where to be seen. Osewe’s prejudice and his remarks have shown the whole world that Kenyans in Sweden are very disorganized if they still depend on leaders like Osewe.

One wonders why a grown-up family man like Osewe can write such things on his blog. Does he know that our Kenyan children read his blog? How can we explain to our innocent kids who read the blogs almost every day and they are encountered by a dirty language?  Everyone who has a family will respect the privacy and integrity of another family. It’s only the family members who knows the facts behind a family and all the rest are just speculators. I hope the bloggers will respect the integrity of a family and stop drugging family issues into politics. A mature politician will attack the opponent using reasonable facts based on policies and not speculations and personal attacks that can bring no change.

One thing that rings in someone’s mind is that if Osewe is an example of a leader Kenyans in Sweden can produce, then to hell with Osewe type of leadership. The issues that were raised by Jeff were not answered by Osewe. Sofia Njoroge received a letter from the tax offices yesterday since they recieved a tip from a Kenyan that her company has been avoiding to pay taxes. I’m supposed to report to the tax authorities before the 10th May, 2007, the documents are at the tax offices today. If there is someone who has been trying to sabotage Sofias Company, then the tax authorities will catch up with him/ her. Let us wait and see how many people will go down with Sofia as tax fraud is concerned.

Osewe, do you know the meaning of the word AFRIS? Do you know who the donors are?  Can you tell Wakenya the 15 African Organizations and 5 volunteers that were the main contributors to AFRIS? From where you collected the story, which organization do they belong to? Can you tell Wakenya why a meeting was called on 25th August 1985? Can you tell Kenyans and the members of public at large when did Sofia Njoroge become the treasurer of AFRIS and how much money did AFRIS have by that time? AFRIS had its own auditor and the letter that was written by AFRIS auditor on 29th September 1995 can tell you if any money is missing during my tenure in office. The documents are available for public viewing and you can get a copy if you like. Sofia Njoroge would like to make it clear to Osewe that the letter that the auditor wrote when I became the new treasurer on the 18th May 1996 is still available and it would be nice to feed the public with true facts and not fabricated stories to attract his readers.

AFRIS was a professional organization that was being managed by, doctors, professors and lecturers among others experts. If you want to get true facts about AFRIS money, then get in touch with Simon or Rafa. They have all documents and you can ask then anything you want to know. For AFRIS to trust me with this kind of responsibility, it is enough evidence to show that I am a transparent person. You turned havoc when I asked you about KUWA. Professional integrity is a core value of any leader. Professionalism, integrity and ethics in an organization are not a one-stop approach. It requires efforts over time and the leadership I see in most ODM-KS leaders is too childish.

I am not a jump yes sir character; I jump at my own pace. I do challenge people and I am not a yes sir character. If you have a group of yes sir character, then I wish you all the best. People grow due to challenges and people progress due to challenges and if you are afraid of challenges, then stop being leaders.  The 5 committee members, who are not in your “kitchen” committee that was made in Norsborg, know where they are going and where they are coming from. Our young people in this country are looking at us and the way we behave. Opee Jr. is a very progressive young man that needs to learn from you and others but so far I haven’t seen anything he can learn from you.

Who are we training to take over from us when we are out of leadership? The two young people in the committee are being frustrated by grown-ups. What a shame? Who are you going to lead? You have divided Wakenya a gain for your personal gains. Again I say we have failed Wakenya and we have no moral authorities to lead anyone. You call people “greenhorn” in politics, who do you think needs old politics of Njenga Karume and Michuki style? We have lived in this country long enough and if you are good in politics, go to Kenya and join the parliament.

Opee Jr. and other young progressive Kenyans who are in politics, do so for the love and passion they have for Kenya and for the change that is needed in politics. Why recruit a gang of Kikuyus with free beers to come and disrupt a meeting? Is it not the same way in Kenya? You have no rights to criticize the government when they do the same during campaigns. Is this all you could offer? Which seat were you campaigning for? What a socialist? Can you look what socialism means? Does it not mean democracy?  Osewe, we have failed as leaders and it is time for us to pack and go and give space for young leaders to take over.

I’m a woman working day and night just for lazy people to come and destroy my business. Is that what you call development? If I loss my job from what you wrote, are you going to feed my children? On the tax fraud, the verdict will come from the tax office. On KUWA front, we demand accountability of all KUWA money because it was a Kenyan organization. We have become to low and its time for us to pull our socks back and unite Wakenya or we call it a day.

Sofia Njoroge.


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