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Mr. Clay Onyango Calls For Ceasefire Between The “Republic” Of KSB And Jamii.

When things fall apart beyond repair like what has happened to our dear brothers of Jamii and KSB, Kenyan men and women must come together and realize they are Kenyans and they have goals that made them to come to Sweden. We have been entertained by both Jamii and KSB and I think we need now to settle down and start cleaning the mess or the damages we might have caused. Okoth Osewe and Dancan Munala have been very close friends and it’s so sad to see the fireworks they are producing against one another.

Kenyans in Stockholm should be ashamed of themselves since we are the only country in Scandinavia and Europe that is not producing anything concrete on our websites or blogs apart from the abusive languages, rumors, speculations and propaganda against ourselves. I believe we might even be the last ones that have done nothing in terms of having assets or owning properties in Kenya and in the whole of Europe. We are dividing ourselves into small atoms and I thing this is very dangerous for our small Kenyan population in Sweden. Let us unite for the sake of our Motherland Kenya and do something substantial for our Kenyan community in Sweden.

Okoth and Dancan need to chill-down because we do not want to know what they did before they came to Europe. We all have history and for some of us history has two sides, bad and good. If we were to reveal them, we would be running away from each other when we meet on the street because some of us we have more terrible history than what the blogs are displaying or rather reporting. I mean some have been murderers, some big thieves, some Lesbians, gays and so on and the list is endless.

I understand that both Munala and Okoth have two things in common. Their height is around 5.2 inches and they are both very good poets. Once you are this short it’s believed that one tends to have inferiority complex and in order to be recognized, you need to make noise. Well believe me guys we have noticed that you exist and we respect that. We also know that you are excising your freedom of speech. But freedom comes with responsibility of which we don’t see it in you guys. Put down your guns and develop Kenya, we now know that both of you are well armed and you have weapons of mass destruction but my fear is that innocent readers are being caught-up in cross-fire.

Believe me we have had enough now!!! Make those blogs more educative and don’t fabricate information for your own opportunistic agendas. Rumors, speculations and propaganda will not change our nation. Let your blogs be free from the above. My advice to both of you is that Odm-ks or Odmk won’t take you anywhere. After election, the elected president wont even recognize you and you wont even come closer to his house maid and shamba-boy so let it be. But do I say…………………….

By: Clay Onyango.


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