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Osewe’s Domination Threatened By Jamii.

After going through Osewe’s answer to Jeff on KSB, i have decided to add something that Osewe forgot. Though it was irrelevant to put Munala in the discussion, Osewe used this opportunity to show the world how Jamii has pressured him, a blog he marketed and housed at KSB until last week. My work in the church has nothing to do with ODM-KS and it has nothing to do with what Mr. Jeff had asked. The way Osewe is expressing unreasonable prejudice is very unprofessional and unethical not only to him but also for the people who are around him. The main agenda is now being billowed and the conflict in ODM-KS and the new comer KUWA issues are swelling out and moving slowly in the wind.

My primary objective was to table burning issues in ODM-KS so that brave leaders who claim to be my “political teachers” can solve them. So far, the above have been dodged in many ways and the latest was yesterday. Kenyans are seeing what kind of a leader Osewe is. He is the vice chairperson of Kesofo and also chief of Information and propaganda of ODM-KS. My work in Antioch International Ministries had its ups and downs just like any other organization. The root cause of my failures in the church was mixing friendship, business and church. Antioch had more than 2.8 millions operational capital that was under my control.  I was young and energetic and I was ready to work hard to help our people and that’s what I did. I did my work with passion and that’s why with all my downfalls, I still have joy in my heart.

With a lot of excitement, I did some blunders that taught me a lesson that no school can teach me. We had a lot of differences with my partner Mr. Kyien Anijan and we had to call it a day. As I told you earlier, we were not only partners but good friends who had no boundaries though with respect. I got a baby girl called Ann and I could not keep her in Sweden because I didn’t have residential permit to keep the family here. The baby is in Kenya with my mother and I don’t understand why it is a problem to Osewe. Mr. Osewe, the six ODM-KS meetings that were held in my apartment, you used to eat and drink beers for free, why did you not think about my baby who needed the food more than you by that time? When you were eating and drinking you never asked me about the baby. How comes you are bringing my family issues at this time? Maybe you were eating part of the 1million you are accusing me for.

My life is full of struggles and you will never stop me struggling to achieve my goals. Under my leadership in the church, I did build a church in Kenya Kawangware slum area and in Uganda. We had more than 1000 members in 1 year. When I felt my life was not right before God, I left the church and I joined politics and I will be in politics as long as I see it fit. If you tell me right now you have 2.8 millions and you want a Deacon, I will take my bible and do some preaching. Osewe for your information, preaching is just a job like what you used to do in Kisii injecting sick animals (Veterinary officer) before you came to Sweden. All these churches had a target and my target was to give our people jobs and a place to relax and do their praying. Am not spiritual by nature but life has taught me how to be spiritual. Am not political by ideology, but life has taught me politics and I take politics the way it comes.

I’m proud of what I have done as a person at this particular age and time. Kyien Anijan and Dancan Munala are the only people who have full rights to discuss the money issue as the church is concerned. Both Kyien and I lost a lot of money in the project though Kyien went a bigger loss than me because he invested more. For your information, if you want to discuss about Antioch International Ministries money, don’t talk about 1million, it was 2.8millions under Munala’s supervision as the Deacon cum coordinator. Antioch International Ministries was a two man show run by Mr. Munala and Kyien Anijan. The church was a private investment and no Kenyans in Sweden or in Kenya contributed a single penny.

Mr. Osewe, be a leader enough and tell Wakenya the following:

1. The fraudulent nomination of Hon. Raila Odinga by 4 ODM-KS committee members.
2. How you hijacked the ODM-KS website among others for you personal opportunistic agendas.
3. How you hired a gang of Kikuyu boys to come and attack ODM-KS members.
4. How you and your company violated ODM-KS constitution by forming a “kitchen” committee in Norsborg.
5. The tribal outfit of ODM-KS.
6. Collaboration between ODM-KS and ODM-K and how Mr. Atinga told you to set-up ODM-KS.
7. How you and your company co-opted two cousins namely Njenga and Waweru into the committee.
8. How comes that Waweru Nderu became a committee member the same day he joined the party while we have prominent  members who have been with us for long period of time and they were not given a chance.

Munala Wa Munala.


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