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He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm

By Ole Ngais Jeff.

My fellow countrymen, allow me a moment of your life and let me reveal my standing point regarding the “political” atmosphere currently spraying the air with, if repelling chocking scent of frustrating misery and moral degeneration of a people in Diaspora that are expected to be the salt and light of the society that needs them so badly. I am ashamed and I deeply apologize to the whole world on behave of family myself and fellow countrymen on the bloggers and other who in somewhat way relay intentions of creating havoc and total chaos in the name of “that’s part of politics” bulldozing the rest of the society with trickster like stories on their blogs without care or moral obligations on what effects they bring about. My fellow concerned people, I might be” forced to swallow” this words the next morning or as soon as I have posted them therefore I only write what I will be able to accommodate. 

First- learn to listen.

The supreme gift of wisdom demands that liberated men and women shall first learn to listen.

In the news oozing from the Kenyans blogs almost faster than in any other news media, Munala Wa Munala writes and I quote” After examining the fracas that ODM-KS is going through, one may wonder if ODM-KS was genuine from day one in its 12-point programmee. Ms. Sofia Njoroge tried to reflect on the aggression that was displayed openly by people she thought can lead the young generation in Sweden. “ODM-KS has become a freewheel, materialistic, and a place where individual advancement and domination has taken a centre stage” Grownup people like Ngatia were shouting like small children until you wonder if this are the leaders that are supposed to teach our youth to be good leaders? “We have failed our people as a committee and none of us has moral authority to lead Wakenya in Scandinavia”.

In the on going fracas within ODM-KS, Mr. Munala the Secretary of ODM-KS and Ms. Sofia Njoroge the treasurer were threatened by the vice Chairperson Mr. Ngatia. He said, “People who are traitors like the secretary have no place in our modern society”.

Thirst for good governance goes unquenched.

Every thought or action by one standard! Is this wise? The word wisdom brings up a picture of gray-haired old men mattering obscure philosophic maxims but that is almost the opposite of what the biblical book of proverbs means. Wisdom is above all practical and down to earth. Young people as well as old can and should have it. Wisdom teaches you how to live. It combines understanding and discipline the kind of discipline an athletic needs in training. It also adds a healthy dose of common sense except that common sense isn’t and never has been common. One does not need to be present in the ODM-SK meetings to understand how badly shaped and distortion they must be.

A group of adult family men and women grouping together with the intention to develop strategies for leadership and good governance but all what those intellectuals can produce is a lot of public disturbance, hatred, lies, cries, swearing and coursings all packed together in a parcel that should  that should be a working paper for the ODM-KS? Is that the best all those people of respect can produce? And expect Kenyans and other political and religious people to take it and shut up?  I haven’t yet said my stand. But I am about to. I am saying that it is time to say NO!! To the nonsense this bloggers feed us with and you cannot tell us not to read or visit your blogs because we all have the freedom to visit and search on the internet, but we also have the freedom to boycott your blogs.

You will remember that you re writing about a community that is in peace and able to defend itself. It is high time that you make yourselves some life! Yes you will!!; brothers and sisters, you will continue blogging wisely… and we will visit your blogs and read them with pleasure that they are produced by a black man from my own society! You will make me proud and many more if you will write wisely. You don’t have to be a writer but surely you can be one if you like.

Recognize yourselves first before anybody can recognize you.

The apartheid warrior of his time Malcolm X said; the time is here and you are stopping crying and start laughing, stop talking, start working, stop cursing, and start praying. For the strength we need is not from the authorities but from the people. We are the generation of people who will win the war against oppression and dependency syndrome, political chaos and misrule. We must develop a common path to a common purpose. A destination that will make Kenya a independent sovereign state a country with descent people of the 21 century. We cannot be recognized by anybody if we do not recognize ourselves, respected by anybody if we do not respect ourselves,

No one can support us if we do not support ourselves we will ever stay dependent as long as we do not have the lust for independency. We can develop separated in both ideas and politics with love for one another and cherish the moments we share working for the common goal. We stand in the way of the coming generation destroying their possibility of them ever seeing freedom. And you will be answerable for all the mess you created and left behind for your children.

How do you become a wise person? That person who, will lead Kenyans, to formulate ways to advocate for our economical freedom without applying crude ways like what happened in the   neibouring country Zimbabwe.   How shall this wise men and women begin to listen first? In order to avoid a situation like that of Zimbabwe? Or you are not learning from mistakes of the past and even taking advantage of the experiences you attained from the Roberts Mugabe’s own created hell? We are all fighting for the same goal.. To live a free live, in a free country with the ability to listen and attain supreme wisdom whether you are young or old.

Bloggers apply divide and rule colonial system

I fail to understand. In the blog, Osewe applies the divide and rule strategy that was applied by the British way back 1890 in East Africa to divide and conquer the black man so that they can rob him of his land which they successfully  tamed and emptied her from her natural resources.  In Osewe’s world, there are several types of Kenyans in Scandinavia and elsewhere; the following are just but a few; The bad, the Good and  the Ugly ones, the famous  “Odiangabucks”, The green horns and the Ogangabucks” Please let me not pronounce the names because I can’t or rather I really don’t want to!

Stop talking and start paying attention.

Wisdom is freely available to those who will stop talking and start paying attention, to God and his word, to parent, to wise councilors, anybody can become wise. Going back to the book of proverbs, wisdom is not reserved for a brainy elite but becoming wise requires self discipline to study and humbly seek wisdom at every opportunity. If you “eat with an elephant”, you will l personally become a one.  Someone mentioned about “KUWA”. If I am not mistaken, the word KUWA directly translates to “GROW” or “BE” What happened to kuwa? How come that no one talks about kuwa? Are all Kenyans silent about KUWA?  Are we talking about another Goldenberg?


In the news of today the 1st of May, on Munala Wa Munala’s blog I quote” Sofia requested all Kenyans to be enlightened and for Osewe, she said that ODM-KS is not KUWA. She requested Osewe in the name of transparency to come out and explain to Wakenya what happened with KUWA properties. Cameras, computers and even a car which belongs to KUWA are no where to be seen. Sofia said that we need to investigate Osewe and know what happened with the KUWA money and its properties. We are going to do our level best to see that the truth comes out to Wakenya in Sweden.” Is Narc –KS aware of this gigantic scandal where Swedish tax payers money has been misappropriated in Sweden by a kenyan organization by the name KUWA?

What actions has the leadership of ODM taken against funds misplacement and misuse of office by KUWA? The leadership of both KUWA and Narc- KS has known about this scandal all the time but they haven’t done anything to settle the case. But I  am confused though… the boldness of Osewes blog doesn’t give any impression of fear to be revealed and the ODM-KS hasn’t either shown any interest on the case apart from when they needed it to shut down Osewe. Has the case been reported to the Swedish police?, or the Kronofogde? Are the Tax authority informed of the missing funds? What about the doner ministry of public health? Are they informed? What was KUWA really?

I am pending this for a moment. Because I must take a stand. .. To be continued…

Ole Ngais Jeff.


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