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Mr. Atinga Was Not Sent To Sweden To Form ODM-KS.

If you are thirsty and you get a glass of water, and as you are just about to take a satisfying swig, you discover the water is teeming with nasty looking bugs, what will you do? You either play the bad guy or gulp down the water with all the wiggling creatures because you don’t want to hurt the feeling of Osewe and his company who gave you the dirty water. But when you think of fever and the cost of treating typhoid and dysentry, an intelligent person will refuse and say “no thanks!” or continue drinking until when you get yourself full of foreign bodies that you cannot treat and the people who offered you the water have no idea a bout what is inside.

The emergency meeting that was called by Opee and Munala helped ODM-KS to get more than 6 new members and it exposed the problems that they wanted ODM-KS members to know. Our agenda was to expose the dirty games within the party and it went as planned. Bravo to all ODM-KS members who came, they had a chance to see why we called them. The meeting was attended by more than 20 members. A part from making some political noise here in Sweden, ODM-KS is irrelevant in Kenyan Politics. ODM-KS is an independent political party and not a branch as many have been informed.

The party was formed on lie pretence.

In the current row between Mr. Munala and his company and the Osewe faction within ODM-KS is based on the truth and lying. The Munala and company have refused to bootlick and accept the lying political style in ODM-KS. Already the party has typhoid because of drinking too much lies from Osewe. The man that Osewe claims that he came here last year to establish or rather to form an ODM-K branch is not true. Mr. Atinga came here to observe the Swedish elections that took place in Sept.2006 and had nothing to do with forming a branch party. Mr. Atinga is one of the officials of ODM-K Nakuru branch. A source told Jamii that Mr. Osewe was just invited as a guest to socialize with Mr. Atinga while he was here on an official trip. Mr. Atinga has no power to instruct any person to open an ODM-K branch.

The rush to form ODM-KS was out of fear that Narc-Kenya had just launched its branch in Sweden and Osewe was worried that Mr. Jared Aroka could take an initiative to form an ODM-K branch and if this kind of move could have happened, and then Osewe could not have been part of the top organ. He hijacked the plan from Jared Aroka for his own personal gains. In our first meeting which Mr. Jared attended he declined to take any top position because he had personal differences with some individuals within the interim committee. The interim committee had already been formed through a back door. The interest to form an ODM-K branch in Scandinavia has been known to very few officials within the party. Ordinary members have been drinking ODM-KS politics in the same cup as they did in Oct. 2006 when the party was formed basically because they haven’t been told the truth.

The anticipated break within the committee started in January 2007, another major blow followed last month when Mr. Jared Odero resigned from the committee. His 7 point resignation reasons were very clear that when I tried to challenge the committee to discuss them, the chairlady asked me openly if I was working for Mr.Odero. They over-shadowed the 7 point and they continued with their business as usual. Before Mr. Jared resigned, there were plans to suspend him from the committee on pretence that he was not loyal to the party. The next victim was Sofia Njoroge and then Munala. Majority of our members have given up because they haven’t gained anything out of ODM-KS and their views have been over-shadowed by the committee.

The plan to recruit new committee members were laid down immediately after Mr. Jared Odero Started questioning the committee’s action plan. They wanted people who will be singing to their tune without asking any question. I tried to talk to my colleagues about the collaboration with ODM-K that was not in a good shape, but every time such motions were tabled Osewe came up with a new lie that I have spoken to Atinga and he said bla bla bla. After my trip from Nairobi, it was well known that we were not a branch of ODM-K as we had been told earlier. The executive committee in Nairobi wanted us to pay 250 000 Kshs if we wanted to be affiliated to them. Osewe continued to stick on his gun of doing propaganda even when he knew that it was damaging the reputation of the party.

Kenyans in Sweden have sharpened their intelligence to be able to depart from the past instances where they just followed what so and so has said. Nowadays, they interrogate the policies of a party before they join it. ODM-KS lost focus out in February 2007. The former assistant treasurer Mr. Jared Odero had concerns why the party affairs were being controlled by few individuals but every time he tried to push this kind of motion, he was quickly interrupted by a section of committee members.

Nomination a big problem.

The nomination of Hon. Raila to be the flag bearer of ODM-K caused a lot of opposition within the committee. Mr. Jared who refused it immediately tried to explain to the committee members why such move was wrong but four committee members went on to nominate him on the 14.April 2007. It was a considered opinion that all members were supposed to be allowed to have a say in the nomination but the four committee members went on with the process and a statement followed of which I disanounced and the four committee members were not happy.

On the same front, four committee members were furious that I was trying to tell members of public the truth. The decision to nominate Hon. Raila was based on the wishes of few who then wanted to impose their views to the party members, which I see as a subversion of democracy. The nomination of Hon. Raila was characterized by tribalism and clan feuds which are diverse persuasions we agreed upon to work together for a common good for our Kenyan people in Sweden and back home. We were supposed to support ODM-K not individuals.

It was clear that Hon. Raila was a direct beneficiary of the nomination process and my view was that this process was going to divide us. It was not strange after the nomination some leaders within ODM-KS started insulting and breathing ethnicity to other committee members. Inflammatory statements have been made and now they are becoming the order of the day. Tribalism has erupted from its skins and it was witnessed on Saturday at an emergency member meeting, you could see how some members were posing like they have bought all Kenyan in Sweden on a throw away price.

In supporting the right initiatives, some committee members have suffered a lot. Anyone who has shown steadfast has gone though some kind of humiliation not because they have done something wrong but because they are trying to put it right. Sofia Njoroge, Jared Odero, Opee Jr. and Munala have been under attack from a section of the committee members who believes that the party belongs to them.

We are very fast to point a finger at Kenyan leaders who are corrupt and tribalist but here in Sweden, tribalism is on rampage being promoted by the same people who normally criticize tribalism in Kenya.  Kenyan community in Sweden, are looking for true leaders who can extend their good leadership to Kenya but to our surprise, politics in Sweden is based on tribalism and members of small tribes have very little chances of having power not because they are weak leaders but because they don’t have the backing boys.

The hired gang from the Kikuyu ethnic group that joined ODM-KS on Saturday shows how tribalism has taken roots in Sweden. Though these are new players in ODM-KS fracas, their main agenda is to be used to destabilize ODM-KS before the opportunist can take over. A “Kitchen” committee that was formed in an apartment in Norsborg on Saturday shows how the four committee members have disobeyed democracy and instead they have chosen dictatorship as their way of ruling. Whichever ways ODM-KS goes, the opportunist faction within the committee have their personal agenda which has failed many times. Nobody is fighting for ODM-KS because it has nothing new to offers to any progressive person.

Munala Wa Munala.


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