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The formation of a bogus alliance currently working to overthrow three ODM-KS committee members has failed. The alliance which is composed of four top committee members and a hired gang of six idle men and one woman was neutralized by the massive turn-up of the ODM-KS members that came for the emergency meeting which was called by Mr. Opee Jr. and chaired by Mrs. Opwapo. More than 20 people came and all committee members were present with one a apologizing. Four committee members had earlier met in an apartment in Norsborg to strategize on how they will sabotage the meeting thus they ended up hiring a gang of seven people to come and shout and make uncalled for noise to destabilize the meeting.

The four committee members together with their newly found compatriots who were of Kikuyu ethnic and also NARC-KS sympathizers, had ealier suspend Mr. Munala out of the committee but just to be reminded in the meeting that they can not do such kind of a  move without the ODM-KS paid-Up members deciding. The group has been trying to take over ODM-KS through the back door so that they can turn it into their small political playing ground. The move was defeated through the exposure of the dirty schemes the group was using to fulfill its agenda

Meanwhile the members meeting was running smoothly until when a group that was hired by the four committee members started shouting after drinking the free 7.5al beers that were offered to them by the four committee members started working. The main agenda for buying them free beer was to disrupt the meeting. They tried to destabilize the meeting but people were ready to shut them down and latter they left after seeing that what they were hired for was not worth a beer. We don’t understand how and why the chairlady could let alcohol in a members meeting.

The rebuff has forced the four committee members to get back to the drawing board. The chief engineer has a history of collapsing organizations. They have contributed to the collapse of many other organizations. In the centre of embezzlement, there are many allegations that the group is just interested in taking over ODM-KS. The plot to take over ODM-KS was drawn in Norsborg yesterday and some prominent ODM-KS leaders were there. Just like any scheme, there are individuals who are never told the real agenda but are used to further the main agenda without their understanding.

ODM-KS is experiencing almost the same kind of problems as another Kenyan organization in Sweden called KUWA faced some years back. The fate of the group now remains within the group which is working day and night hijacking website, hiring people to destabilize our peaceful meetings and their desperate moves to suspend committee members. Meanwhile, a man called Atinga did not mandate Mr. Osewe to form an ODM-KS branch in Scandinavia. A source told Jamii that Mr. Atinga came to Sweden to observe last year’s elections and he has no mandate to instruct people to start branch parties.

Munala Wa Munala.


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