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“Beat The Drums, We Are Coming With The Trumpets”, Says Ms. Sofia.

After examining the fracas that ODM-KS is going through, one may wonder if ODM-KS was genuine from day one in its 12-point programmee. Ms. Sofia Njoroge tried to reflect on the aggression that was displayed openly by people she thought can lead the young generation in Sweden. “ODM-KS has become a freewheel, materialistic, and a place where individual advancement and domination has taken a centre stage” Grownup people like Ngatia were shouting like small children until you wonder if this are the leaders that are supposed to teach our youth to be good leaders? “We have failed our people as a committee and none of us has moral authority to lead Wakenya in Scandinavia”.
In the on going fracas within ODM-KS, Mr. Munala the Secretary of ODM-KS and Ms. Sofia Njoroge the treasurer were threatened by the vice Chairperson Mr. Ngatia. He said, “people who are traitors like the secretary have no place in our modern society”. He repeatedly said that he can do anything he wanted since he does not care. After threatening Munala, he went on threatening Ms. Sofia with the same words. He said, “Disloyal people who over jumps the chairperson and the assistant cannot be allowed in our party, they can go and form theirs.” Anyone who expresses different views from Osewe’s and Ngatia’s has been attacked brutally via Osewe’s blog. Secret suspensions meetings have been arranged in the past, the latest being held last Saturday and the agenda was to overthrow committee members who are criticizing ODM-KS leadership.

Mr. Ngatia said several times that they had no place for traitors in ODM-KS. On the other hand, Osewe has been terrorizing Mr. Munala with a lot of threatening short message service (sms) telling him, “Your days are numbered! You do not know how a grave tests until when you are there!” These kinds of threats are serious and we cannot just leave it like that. Ms. Sofia Njoroge said that it is time for Kenyan leaders in Sweden to tell the people their background before representing Kenyans. Speaking to Jamii this morning, Sofia said that it will be good if we can be open and say who we are and our past. “I know these people in and out and if a need a rises, I will tell Wakenya who they are and what they have been doing in the past”.

The faction that was formed in Norsborg last Saturday has no shortage of dirty tricks leant from KUWA and other organizations that are either dead or have two or one member. The weak position of the faction has made many people to start wondering and questioning the intention of Mr. Osewe and his company. One of their malicious agenda was to topple Mr. Jared Odero who was one of the progressive committee member and then Ms. Sofia and Munala because by doing so, ODM-KS will remain with Osewe, Ngatia and Mrs. Opwapo. Ironically, these kinds of meetings are chaired by Mrs. Opwapo. It is very ridiculous to see Osewe who had no specific mandate within the party working day and night to overthrow Munala so that he can become the Secretary. It is very childish and if that’s politics, then to hell with these kinds of politics.

Replacing Ms. Sofia with Nyambura was a very big political accident the faction did. As if that was not enough, they co-opted two new comers Mr. Njenga Muirani and Waweru. This is ridiculous because the 2 new comers are allies to Mr. Ngatia and this shows that they are looking for people who can follow them without asking questions. One of the new comers told Jamii how he was planted in ODM-KS for opportunistic agendas. It’s laughable and this shows how desperate Mrs. Opwapo, Osewe and Ngatia are and they can do anything to fulfill their dirty political games.

Sofia requested all Kenyans to be enlightened and for Osewe, she said that ODM-KS is not KUWA. She requested Osewe in the name of transparency to come out and explain to Wakenya what happened with KUWA properties. Cameras, computers and even a car which belongs to KUWA are no where to be seen. Sofia said that we need to investigate Osewe and know what happened with the KUWA money and its properties. We are going to do our level best to see that the truth comes out to Wakenya in Sweden.

“We are very disappointed that Osewe can lie to us for his opportunistic agenda to form ODM-KS just to divide it when the truth is tabled”, Ms. Sofia said. Many people have been questioning why is it that Osewe has been part of many other organizations that have failed. More than five ODM-KS committee members have left the committee in protest because of dictatorship within the party. “Mr. Osewe has been terrorizing people with his blog but now we have some skills in writing and we gonna put the facts in the face of Wakenya”, said Ms. Sofia. ODM-KS cannot be hijacked by opportunist leaders who are just out to finish the party. If you cannot lead yourself, how can you lead others?

Lack of focus in ODM-KS and dictatorial nature in the party has divided the committee members into two groups. “The weight of a body or the length of the hair does not make you feel like you own everyone in Sweden. A complete leader is the one who knows where he is coming from and where he is going. I don’t see this in many ODM-KS leaders. Young Kenyans do not need politics of words, they need politics of food, jobs and education which is so far from ODM-KS vision”, said Sofia. Opee Jr. is a young focused boy that Osewe has frustrated too much. He was born here but he has passion for Kenya and he wants to do something for his country, how can a grown-up man like Osewe start destroying his name just because of ODM-KS? He has passion for Kenya than many of us who talk about Kenya, he wants to see change, he is ready to finance the office just like anyone else and yet Osewe is destroying his life on a blog.

ODM-KS belongs to Kenyans in Scandinavia and not Osewe. It is only through dialogue that we can work together but if you continue beating drum, we are coming with the trumpets to make it complete. If there is a functioning democratic system within an organization, it is the responsibility of the committee to take up the matters brought up by members and raise them with the general membership, either through a meeting like the way we did last week or other means. Many problems within the party have been over-shadowed because the top leaders cannot deal with them. If you cannot lead 28 odm-ks members, how can you lead a whole country like Kenya?

Ms. Sofia was disappointed in leaders like Osewe, Ngatia and Mrs. Opwapo who normally celebrate when a committee member leaves the committee. A good example is when Mr. Jared Odero resigned, they did not know how to talk to him and that’s why they have never considered his 7-points of why he resigned. They all rely on what Osewe will say and if he tells them to jump they ask how high. We refused Osewes domination and this was a big threat to Ngatia because they are friends. The problem is that the whole faction sings “We shall overcome if Osewe is with us.” On Saturday, Ngatia was singing “Osewe is the king, Osewe is the king”, but people couldn’t see the king until when he had to climb on a table. People like Ngatia are supposed to show good example to this young leaders but so far this hasn’t happened.

Osewe and his group cannot be trusted with leadership because they have stolen two positions within ODM-KS using back door and they have failed to honor the oath of office we took last year.  Last year in November, we initiated an inner-core that took an aoth at Mr.Ngatia’s place and the cord was not to betray one another. We also had our MoU that has been violated. We blame Kibaki in Kenya for not honoring MoU but we forget that in ODM-KS we had our own that has been violated many times. What was the need of the MoU?

Munala Wa Munala.


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