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There is an illegal gathering in Norsborg by a section of ODM-KS committee members and some ordinary members to overthrow Mr.Munala from ODM-KS committee. Their main agenda is to suspend Munala, Sofia and Opee Jr. from the executive committee. This group has been doing things behind other committee members back and they have now been discovered. Odm-ks website was hijacked earlier this morning by the same group but efforts are being made to recover it. The same group has also hijacked the odm-ks e-mail passwords. The group has been terrorizing a section of the committee members via a blog. Investigations are still going on and we will bring you more news as soon as we get it.

The prevailing problems within ODM-KScandinavia are partially associated with bad leadership within the party. It would be nice to see Kenyans in Sweden debating on the nature of leadership they desire. The most important ingredient in development of democracy and a democratic organization is good leadership. Greed and lust for power has made many leaders to fail.

A good leader is the one who has a vision and goals for an organization. He/she can identify clearly the root cause of a problem and offer timely coherent and cumulative solutions. Good leaders’ offers genuine hope and public trust, have a clear ideology based on the theory of the organization and must have norms or values that makes his/her hopes a live. It is time for fresh visionary leaders who can lead Wakenya in Sweden.

Munala Wa Munala.


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