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I wish to begin by begging my fine readers an apology for the content of the following article. Count it on me as a person and not on my professional life. I don’t mean to hurt anyone but just to make someone to start thinking because at this particular time and age, the owner of KSB is supposed to know that whatever he writes about other people private lives shows how low and idle he is. In this age and time, why to write second hand material when the original material is available? Why to ask anyone about Munala when Munala himself is with you almost everyday? It shows how desperate he is as a person and the only way for him to get his material is on the “Rumors” front.  It is sad to see a mature man like Osewe wasting his valuable time trying to get information about Wakenya in Sweden so that he can feed his blog with something. It also shows how low, unprofessional and unethical the owner of KSB is.

Any time young progressive Kenyans in Sweden comes up to challenge the so called “Kings of politics in Stockholm!”,  Osewe comes out with his unprogressive brutal propaganda to kill the ambitions of these young people, e.g. The Young Liberated Kenyans were attacked brutally by Osewe for defending the mixed marriages. Those days are gone; a new political wave that has emerged in Stockholm is threatening Osewe’s domination as a secretary. Munala now is in Control of two prominent organizations namely ODM-KS and KESOFO where members elected Mr. Munala to be the Secretary of both organizations. This development has been a threat to Osewe who is a customized secretary of many other organizations that are dead because of his domination. This time, a new blood emerged and now he claims he helped to build, how can you build a politician of my caliber in 6 month? A teacher of politics who is still a student at one the universities in Stockholm. It is very ridiculous to see a family man like Osewe still gossiping via a blog. 

What Osewe wants is the same as what I want and the world is full of competition, the winner takes it all. I was not given the positions on a golden-plate and to prove it let him dare call the elections and he will see if he will be this time elected. Opee Jr. is another young progressive person that is supposed to be encouraged by the so called “Political Giants”.

I would like to advice Mr. Osewe if he is a man enough, let us meet and tell me the same nonsense he wrote on his blog face to face and see what will happen. A coward dog barks from a distance because it cannot battle it out. Am not going to be pressured by Osewe so that he takes over the leadership of ODM-KS. We are here to lead and nothing else is going to stop the young progressive Kenyans in Sweden, and for people like Osewe they have to accept the reality on the ground. Their kind of politics is outdated and they have no place in our modern society. I call it a bad cheque in politics. Osewe multiplied by one million votes cannot even give you one vote, it gives you zero votes. This noise maker has no right to vote for anyone and yet he is sitting here in Stockholm making a lot of noise like a parrot “kasuku” about Kenyan politics.

My major disagreement with Osewe is based on Hon. Raila’s nomination that I opposed strongly supported by other committee members and now in the current fracas he is trying to run a way from the reality and he is trying to confuse members of public with what he is good at (propaganda). Can he tell Wakenya how many ODM-KS members nominated Hon. Raila? Can he tell Wakenya what is the position of the party as per affiliation with ODM-K? ODM-KS members have a right to be told the truth and that’s what I gonna do with or without ODM-KS.

A tiny faction within ODM-KS thinks that they can dictate the whole group or rather Stockholm politics, but to their surprise they find out that the young people or the so called “green horns” in politics are enlightened and cannot bootlick Osewe with his dirty politics of hate, rumors and propaganda that has no good intention rather than dividing Kenyans in Sweden. Only stupid people who are useless and hopeless will accept Osewe to construct them politically. I am now a bad person because I have said NO to his Nonsense. The other day he was writing Munala as an Angel of politics, ironically within a week’s time the Angel of politics becomes “green” and evil to Osewe and Osewe becomes the teacher of Munala. I recognize the level of disillusionment that Kenyans in Sweden have with the current political dispensation. I don’t blame Kenyans for being skeptical about the sincerity of political leaders like Osewe. The precedent of dishonest exhibited by these kinds of political leaders is that they can only help when they are the main beneficiaries.

Former reformists are radically turning out to be pathetic sycophants and worshippers of tribal leaders and becoming tribal absolutism. What with blatant disregard for people like Osewe who behaves like they have bought Wakenya in Sweden and they have become their personal properties? His swaggering and how he treats Wakenya in Sweden to crude, ostentation, insults and sheer snobbery shows he does not care how other people feel. Before this man came to Sweden, Kenyans were here and they had organizations. All organizations that Osewe has been part of are either dead or divided. ODM-KS is not Osewes, it belongs to members and we cannot allow him to take it as his personal business. What have you done for the Kenyan community abroad and in Kenya which is substantial that we can see and say yes this was good? Only noise, noise and more noise. You are always on the phone investigating private people’s lives.

You speak about young politicians that you have build and you forget that if you are a real woman or a man, why can’t go back to Kenya and battle it out with the real men and women in politics. Why are you just making noise from Sweden? Go to Kenya and do your politics there if you think you are the King of politics. An empty tin makes a lot of noise and I have seen a lot of empty “Mikebe” in Stockholm than anywhere else. They sing why Raila was nominated but they don’t even have a single vote to vote for him if a need arises. You can fool people for sometime but you cannot fool them everyday my friend. Sweden does not belong to you Mr. Osewe and if you think you are politically mature then you are mistaken because what I see in you is full of propaganda and not politics.

Everybody has history, to some it has been good but for others it has been rough. I came from scratch because my parents were very poor. Mr.Osewe if you are abusing me because I was born from a poor seed, lucky you who were born on a golden-plate. Am happy with my life and the things I have done in my life have helped me to be who iam. Don’t be afraid to write anything a bout me, go on and I can assure you if you need more material about me then I will be more than happy to tell or even give you some hard copies that I have but still you can use your rumors network to do it if you want.

My life is full of struggles and you have never added a single piece of Ugali on my plate and whatever you write is not going to reduce or add and inch to my height and by this I mean you have nothing to talk about me. Mr. Osewe you don’t even know who I am and politically we cannot even compete because you don’t have any political stand in your life. Today you are singing socialism and tomorrow you support Raila who is a capitalist in the name of “he is the only alternative” and for those who stands strong to their political ideology you wake up calling them “green horns” in politics. Where are the “red horns”? Better be a “green horn” that can vote than being “red horn” that cannot vote even for a chicken to go to parliament. A vote is a peaceful weapon for change and thus it is the backbone of politics.

I belong to a generation ahead of you, how do you feel after making a lot of noise just to see nothing happening?  Don’t you make a mistake, young Kenyan politicians are coming up. If history has taught us something, young people of which some of them are just children are the freedom fighters. It is the teenagers all over the world who are actually involving themselves in the struggle to eliminate oppression and exploitation. (You call them green horns). In Congo, the refugees point out that many of the Congolese revolutionaries, they shoot all the way down to seven years old. Because the revolutionaries are children, young people in many countries are the ones who most quickly identify themselves with the struggle and the necessity to eliminate the evil conditions that exist. And here in Sweden, it has been my own observation that when you get into a conversation with the so called Kings of Kenyan politics in Stockholm, you will find that majority of them they disregard the young people.

The goal has always been the same, with the approaches to it different as mine. The brutality and the evil way that KSB writes against defenseless Kenyans in Sweden must be stopped. Many Kenyans in Sweden have been victims of brutal attacks from Osewe but a day is coming when Wakenya will arm themselves with pens and papers, that day is coming. I call it intelligence time of which I know Kenyans have but they don’t have time to sit and write nonsense.

I must say this concerning the great controversy in ODM-KS; dictation is dead in the world of politics as its founders. ODM-KS has lost its original flavor. It ceased to be people’s party, it ceased to be democratic, it ceased to be professional, and it ceased to be impatient. In fact, it ceased to be the party that many Kenyans hoped for. The above doesn’t stop progressive leaders like Munala, Opee Jr, and others to call a members meeting so that they can tell them the truth. The truth that Mr.Osewe is trying to run away from, the truth that has divided ODM-KS, the truth that is going to rock in Stockholm, the truth that has never been reported, the truth that has made some prominent committee members to resign. That’s what we want to tell our fine members on Saturday. Members who are politically mature and progressive will come to hear what we haven’t told them since the genesis of our party.

Note: This blog is not dedicated to this kind of article. The above is unexceptional and I promise not to publish this kind of articles any more. Reason: I have no time to write this kind of article.

Munala wa Munala.


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