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                                                           Letter to ODM-KS Members.

P.o Box 3455, 10369.
Svea. 31, Stockholm Sweden.

April 25, 2007

Dear odm-ks members,

Greetings to all. We hope that it has been good for you personally and professionally since we last met. We are happy to invite you to an emergency members meeting which will be held on the April-28-2007 at 4:00pm at the ODM-KS main office in Stockholm. The address for the office is Högbergsgatan 48, in Medborgplatsen. Top on the agenda will be how to solve the internal crisis that is growing into a conflict that can lead ODM-KS to slaughter house.

We are again grateful to all our members who have been supportive to our party. Without your support, ODM-KS cannot be where it is now. In a short period of time, we have achieved a lot and we hope to continue with the same trend. Our website remains which will be launched soon. On Saturday, we are going to review the history of every meeting since the beginning of our party including the current position we are in right now. Members also can come up with more views on what they want to be discussed on that particular date. If there are any changes in your e-mail address, please notify me via

Any suggestions for improving our website are welcomed and should also be sent to the above e-mail. We hope you will be pleased with this meeting which will bring you to more understanding of what the committee has been doing and what they are planning to do next. There will be ample time for discussion so that we can finish all the issues.

We look forward to seeing you once again.

Sincerely Secretary Dancan Munala and Opee O. Jr.


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