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“No Politics In Kesofo”, Says Miss. Susan Mukami.

The Kenya Social Forum (Kesofo) chairlady Miss. Susan Mukami said today that she will reform Kesofo into a real social forum and not an umbrella organization that can house anything. Miss Mukami said that major reforms will take place in the political wing of the forum. Kesofo is a social, economical, cultural and political forum which was formed last year to provide a forum upon which the Kenya community in Sweden can address social, political, economical, cultural and religious issues affecting Kenyans in Sweden.

Speaking to Jamii, the chairlady said though politics is one of the pillars that kesofo is build on, she believes that Kesofo needs diplomatic politics rather than the confrontational politics that many Kenya politicians are used to. She said that she has faith in the committee members and hopes that it will help her to implement the programme of action as soon as possible. The Kenya embassy in Sweden is going to play a major role in seeing that the forum is a success. “We must start talking diplomacy and not confrontation, we must build the bridges that have been destroyed by politics and the only way we can do the above is through negotiation and compromise”, said Miss. Mukami.

On the question on how she is going to handle politics within the forum, she said, “we’ve come together to defend our rights as Kenyans and fight against any kind of harassment and discrimination. If a need comes where we need politics to solve our problems, we shall use diplomatic politics”.  Kesofo must lead Kenyans to awareness that their rights in Sweden are the central point of every issue we debate. Kenyans in Sweden must take ownership of Kesofo and fight as a united front. “Our people united will never be defeated”, said Mukami.

Youth wing within Kesofo will be the focal point since our young people in this country needs us more than ever. She hopes that Kesofo will lead to greater involvement of young people in global events particularly those that concern the future of the youth. At present, young people from Kenya and elsewhere in Africa are greatly under-represented in decision-making structures in Sweden.  We want to include our young Kenyans in decision-making structure in Sweden. “This is why we’re going to organize a youth wing alongside the forum,” she told Jamii. 

According to Mukami, youth’s wing within Kesofo is going to be more explosive. She said that youths are going to be innovative and she will allocate considerable time to debate youth issues aimed at giving young Kenyan people a chance to speak. She added, “The Forum for Youth will discuss all matters that concern the youth and those who are fighting youth’s rights. The chairlady asked Kesofo supporters to register for activities on all issues and challenged the Kenyan embassy in Sweden to take a greater participation in the forum.

Munala Wa Munala.


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