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You Cannot Resign From An Interim Committee.

Stockholm is full of fluctuating faces in politics; ironically they call themselves young politicians, yes they are young in years but youthful in nothing. Narc-k sympathizers in Sweden are held in a low-roofed den and it has no room for substantial politics in Sweden. Since its formation last year, it has been roaming around Sweden and collecting cheap politics to keep their members guessing or rather hoping something is happening. They are possessed by their superiors in Kenya and they sing and dance in the name of another term for Kibaki who is their tribal leader.

The party has no strength in its purpose and has no action plan to implement their programme (if they have one) and now they are collecting e-mails from dust-bins and publishing them in the name of breaking news. How can something that happened a month ago become breaking news? For your information, you cannot resign from an interim committee because no one elected or nominated you to the committee. You volunteered and the only thing you can do is to pull out when you cannot take the heat from within.
I am given the impression that for some time, there have been rumours going around that ODM-KS has disharmony amongst its committee members. Now that is not an unusual situation, especially with large committee like the ODM-KS. Such disharmony does not necessarily stop us from getting our work done and indeed, it is a positive influence within a working organization like ODM-KS. But from the contents of the e-mail that is hanging on a certain website in Stockholm, it is obvious that, that e-mail is a cheap propaganda to make the situation look as if it is bad.  The situation within the committee of management of ODM-KS is not serious as portrayed by the NARC-KS sympathizers. ODM-KS is under control and we don’t have any disharmony or rather crisis.

Most importantly, the ODM-KS system is still working with or without them. As a member of any organization, you must study the constitution and the action plan and try to develop possible solutions, and put these solutions to some of the committee members and see if they can work with them or not. Some unprincipled individuals who are afraid of challenges will rush out to say am resigning from that organization because they are cowards and afraid of the reality on the ground. These are the same people who will go out with big empty propaganda blaming so and so for their failures.

Essentially, the same people are the first ones to bring their resignation letters and even try to explain why they resigned. It is very ridiculous when you read the contents of these letters. All you can see in these letters are faces of people who are failures in leadership and they can lead no one apart from themselves. It is very sad to see people who have been guiding the expenses of an organization claiming that the money was not being used in the right way. What a shame? When are we going to get true leaders who are genuine and can accept their failures and lead our Kenyan community in Sweden?

You cannot resign from an interim committee because no one chose you.  I have already mentioned it above and it is very clear that when you join a committee on an interim level, you volunteer and all you can do when you are tired is to get out. The same way you came just leave the organization without waiting for a dispute. Some people in the interim committees just join to look on or as spectators. We don’t expect to agree on every motion members present but to some occasions, we can see everyone in agreement only to see it immediately break down and the whole process begin again. At the very last minute, committee members can agree to solutions that can stick. Democracy is the ruler and if you want to dictate other members you will be the first to pull out.

It is important to stop childish behaviors and consider just what majority of the committee have decided. As a progressive committee member, you need to put aside your personal views and place your trust in majority members, the majority of who we know by their reputation only. We have witnessed letters of resignation from many people and we are not going to stop working because of selfish people resigning. As they resign we co-opt independent and progressive members to the committee and the struggle continues. We hope that in the coming months we will prove the trust so many have shown in us is not misplaced.
What we now have is an interim Committee of whose duty is to maintain the fine services that members gave to us and see the group through to an Annual General Meeting in October 2007. As much as possible, ODM-KS  interim committee will be trying to maintain the status that is expected by our progressive members, though there is some debate as to what that is! It will be up to the members, to review the campaign material our party has put across and the achievements that ODM-KS has achieved in this short period of time that we have been in office.

ODM-KS is the most successful political group of its kind in Scandinavia.  Possibly, we expect to continue to be the case as all members rally around to see us through what I hope will be seen in many years time as merely a minor glitch along the way to an even better future. We have a lot of business to do and we are not going to look behind but forward. We are a united front, wait and see what we can achieve if we stick together.

If you have been an active member of the ODM-KS group, we ask that you continue to help out. If you have been inactive but thinking about doing something then now would be a great time to come forward. The rest of you should just keep trying to get the most out of the full range of services available to all ODM-KS members and Kenyans in Scandinavia. ODM-KS has not changed its membership program. We haven’t achieved all our goals but for sure we are on the right truck.

Long live ODM-KS!!!

Dancan Munala.


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